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Micro and Nanosystems

Volume 11, 2 Issues, 2019
ISSN: 1876-4037 (Online)
ISSN: 1876-4029 (Print)
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Lab-on-a-chip Dielectrophoretic Manipulation of Beta-2 Microglobulin for Toxin Removal in An Artificial Kidney

, 2019; 11(1): 40 - 46

Muhammad Izzuddin Abd Samad, Aminuddin Ahmad Kayani, Ahmad Sabirin Zoolfakar, Azrul Azlan Hamzah, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis and Muhamad Ramdzan Buyong*

Design of Piezoresistive based Microbridge for MEMS Pressure Sensor

, 2019; 11: 1 - 10 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

K. Girija Sravani*, G. Sai Lakshmi and K. Srinivasa Rao

PAn/Cu Bismuthate Nanoflake Composites with Enhanced Electrochemical Performance for TA

, 2019; 11: 1 - 10 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

Z. Wang, H. J. Chen, F. F. Lin, L. Yan, Y. Zhang*, L. Z. Pei* and C. G. Fan

Design of Reversible Shift Register Using Reduced Number of Logic Gates

, 2019; 11: 1 - 5 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

Heranmoy Maity*, Anup Kumar Bhattacharjee, Arindam Biswas, Anita Pal and Sudipta Banerjee

Synthesis and Spectral Characterizations of Nano-Sized Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) Ceramic

, 2019; 11: 1 - 6 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

Rajanigandha Barik, Santosh K. Satpathy*, Banarji Behera, Susanta K. Biswal and Ranjan K. Mohapatra

Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide as Photocatalyst and Adsorbent in Wastewater Treatment – A Review

, 2019; 11: 1 - 19 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

Nur Shazrynda Shahrodin , Juhana Jaaafar*, Abdul Razak Rahmat, Norhaniza Yusof, Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman and Mukhlis A Rahman

Improved Domino Logic Circuits and its Application in Wide Fan-in OR Gates

, 2019; 11: 1 - 10 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

Deepika Bansal *, Bal Chand Nagar, Brahamdeo Prasad Singh and Ajay Kumar

Nitrogen, Sulfur Co-doped Reduced Graphene Oxide: Synthesis and Characterization

, 2019; 11: 1 - 6 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

Md. Abdul Mannan*, Yudai Hirano, Armando T. Quitain, M. Koinuma and Tetsuya Kida

Synthesis of Copper and Silver Nanoparticles by Molecular Beam Method

, 2018; 10(2): 148 - 157

Yurii Kurapov, Stanislav Litvin*, Sergey M. Romanenko, Gennadii Didikin and Nadezhda Belyavina

Microfluidic Bioreactors for Cell Culturing: A Review

, 2011; 3(2): 137 - 160

G. Pasirayi, V. Auger, S.M. Scott, P.K. S.M. Rahman, M. Islam, L. O`Hare and Z. Ali

Polymer Chemistry in Microfluidic Reaction System

, 2009; 1(3): 193 - 204

M. Miyazaki, H. Yamaguchi, T. Honda, M.P.P. Briones-Nagat, K. Yamashita and H. Maeda


Ji-Huan He
School of Science
Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,

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Micro and Nanosystems was launched in 2009. Dr. Javier Carrasco serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.
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