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Applied Macro- and Sonoanatomy of the Nerves Around the Ankle

Author(s): André P. Boezaart and Barys V. Ihnatsenka

Pp: 249-259 (11)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681081915116010019

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To ensure a successful ankle block, it is important to realize that there are two nerves that are deep to the fascia layer and three nerves that are superficial to it. An electrical current can readily cross fascia layers, but local anesthetics cannot, therefore, it is important to deposit the local anesthetic on the correct side of the fascia. The deep nerves are the posterior tibial and deep peroneal nerves. The superficial nerves are the sural, saphenous, and superficial peroneal nerves. If the name of the nerve starts with an “s,” it lies superficial to the fascia. The macroanatomy, which includes the trans-sectional anatomy and surface anatomy, and the sonoanatomy of all the nerves around the ankle are discussed in this chapter, as well as the sensory areas that these nerve innervate and the innervation of the ankle joint.

Keywords: Ankle block, Ankle joint, Deep peroneal nerves, Electrical current, Electrical nerve stimulation, Fascia layer, Macroanatomy, Posterior tibial nerve, Saphenous nerve, Sonoanatomy, Superficial peroneal nerve, Sural nerve, Surface anatomy, Trans-sectional anatomy.

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