Common Pediatric Diseases: Current Challenges

Medical Futility in Pediatrics: Challenges, Hopes, and New Perspectives

Author(s): Ardeshir Khorsand, Zahra Mohajer, Soroush Khojasteh-Kaffash, Zahra Hosseini Bajestani, Azar Ghasemi, Farbod Ghobadinezhad and Noosha Samieefar *

Pp: 231-268 (38)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815124187123020015

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The concept of medical futility is explored, particularly in relation to the challenge of defining futile treatments, and the difficulties in identifying patient subgroups that strictly match the criteria for treatment futility. The issue of categorizing perinatal disorders as fatal is an important topic, with a focus on the moral and legal repercussions of identifying lethal malformation. The identification of a lethal malformation often has moral and legal repercussions, and the phrase “lethal” should be avoided unless it is precisely defined, used consistently, and covered in transparency in perinatal counseling following prenatal diagnosis. We argue that a nuanced and carefully considered approach is required, one that takes into account the complex medical and ethical issues involved, and that focuses on the best interests of the patient and their family. Overall, we highlight the importance of ethical considerations and effective communication in the provision of perinatal palliative care for fetuses with genetic disorders and congenital defects. Also, while there is much that remains uncertain and controversial in this field, continued research and discussions are necessary to ensure that the best possible care is provided for all patients and their families.

Keywords: Futility, Medical Futility, Medicine, Pediatrics.

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