Anticancer Immunity: Reviewing the Potential of Probiotics

Probiotics-based Anticancer Immunity In Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Anderson Junger Teodoro*, Adriano Gomes da Cruz, Cíntia Ramos Pereira Azara and Nathalia da Costa Pereira Soares

Pp: 1-21 (21)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815165135123040004

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The human body is colonized by microbial cells that are estimated to be as abundant as human cells, yet their genome is roughly 100 times the human genome, providing significantly more genetic diversity. The past decade has observed an explosion of interest in examining the existence of microbiota in the human body and understanding its role in various diseases, including prostate cancer. Studies show that probiotics provide positive results in prostate cancer prevention and treatment. However, some studies argue that they should not be used, putting forward the fact they may cause infection in patients with very weak immunity. This chapter summarizes key microbiota alterations observed in prostate cancer niches, their association with clinical stages, and their potential use in anticancer therapy and management. In addition, the chapter discusses microbiota-based therapeutic approaches for prostate cancer. 

Keywords: Androgen, Cancer, Gut, Hormone, Immunology, Inflammation, Intervention, Metabolism, Microenvironment, Microbiota, Modulation, Prostate Cancer, PSA, PCa, Probiotic, Risk factors, Therapy.

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