Frontiers in Lung Cancer

Principle of Standard (Conventional) Pulmonary Resection for Lung Cancer

Author(s): Keyvan Moghissi

Pp: 171-197 (27)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811459566120010011

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In this chapter, the principles of standard techniques of pulmonary resection are described. The chapter comprises of a number of sections:

In the first section, the focus of attention has been the issues related to the pulmonary arteries and veins and their safe and secure handling.

1. In the second, reference is made to some aspects of bronchoplastic operation.

2. Surgery for lung cancer affecting the lower tracheal bifurcation (carina and main stem bronchi) is dealt with in a separate section.

3. A separate section is devoted to lung cancer involving the lung, carina and also portion of the lateral wall of the trachea, which needs carinal resection or tracheal Sleeve Pneumonectomy (TSP).

4. Pancoast tumour/Superior Sulcus tumour is also a separate section.

5. Finally, lung cancer invading the chest wall is dealt with separately

6. The reason for targeting the above topics in lung cancer surgery in separate sections is that each of these requires separate expertise and their surgical treatment needs special consideration and expertise.

Keywords: Bronchoplastic/parenchyma conservative of lung cancer surgery, General Principles of standard/conventional surgery for lung cancer, Surgery for superior sulcus/Pancoast Tumour, Surgery for lung cancer invading the chest wall, Tracheal bifurcation surgery, Tracheal Sleeve Pneumonectomy/Carinal Pneumonectomy.

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