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Glucolipid Metabolic Disorders

Volume 1 , 2024

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Aims & Scope:

Glucolipid Metabolic Disorders is an international peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal for physicians, clinicians, and scientists with interest in glucose and lipid metabolic disorders in pathological processes, as well as the therapeutics targeting these disorders to treat human diseases.

Glucolipid Metabolic Disorders publishes original research articles, guidelines, reviews, and commentaries on a broad range of topics. Glucolipid Metabolic Disorders is most interested in manuscripts that address important advances in glucolipid metabolomics and the clinical application of targeting glucose and lipid metabolism. Areas of interest cover, but are not limited to:

• Clinical applications of targeting glucose and lipid metabolism to improve patient care and outcomes
• Clinical trials illustrating the use of targeting glucose and lipid metabolism
• Conceptual and characterization of glucolipid metabolic disorders
• Mechanisms of glucolipid metabolic disorders in diseases
• Metabolomics on glucose and lipids
• Methodologies & preclinical and clinical applications of glucolipid metabolomics
• Novel techniques & approaches for the advancement of glucolipid metabolomics
• Translational research in glucolipid metabolomics

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