Global Neutron Calculations

Foundation of Core Calculations

Author(s): Mihály Makai, Dániel Péter Kis and János Végh

Pp: 15-66 (52)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681080277115010005

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Binding energy of nucleons. Isotopes. Nuclear reactions, XSs (in nuclear physics and in reactor physics). Scattering and fission XS with energy and Ω and v. Potential scattering. Energy production by fission. Possible fissionable isotopes. Fission spectrum. Nucleus-neutron reactions. Fission products, yields, fissionable products, highly absorbing products, resonances (single level and many level processes). Nuclear physics. Evaluated nuclear data file. Enrichment. Self sustaining chain reaction. Reaction rate. Cross-section, absorption, fission, capture, mean free path. Basic features of the neutron gas: flux, current, partial current. The linearized Boltzmann equation. Neutron flux, current, partial current (partial, net), XS, reaction rates. Neutron balance, leakage, removal, scattering, fission. The Boltzmann equation. Boundary conditions, initial conditions. Criticality, keff . Integral form of the transport equation. The adjoint flux. Phase space.

Keywords: Nuclear physics fundamentals; cross section; nucleus-neutron reactions; energy release; fission products; resonance; characteristics of nuclear fuel; Boltzmann equation; Basic terms of neutron physics: neutron flux, current; reaction rates; adjoint flux; boundary conditions.

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