Ion Implantation and Activation

Volume: 1

LSS Theory

Author(s): Kunihiro Suzuki

Pp: 302-375 (74)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608057818113010012

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Ion implantation profiles are expressed by the Pearson function with first, second, third and fourth moment parameters of Rp , ΔRp , γ , and β. We can derive an analytical model for these profile moments by solving a Lindhard-Scharf-Schiott (LSS) integration equation using perturbation approximation. This analytical model reproduces Monte Carlo data which were well calibrated to reproduce a vast experimental database. The extended LSS theory is vital for instantaneously predicting ion implantation profiles with any combination of incident ions and substrate atoms including their energy dependence.

Keywords: Ion implantation, LSS theory, amorphous, Monte Carlo, nuclear stopping power, electron stopping power, range, projected range, skewness, kurtosis, lateral straggling, Thomas-Fermi potential, ZBL potential, nuclear cross section, electron cross section, cross section.

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