Commercial Space Tourism: Impediments to Industrial Development and Strategic Communication Solutions

The Primary Impediments to Space Tourism Industrial Development

Author(s): Dirk C. Gibson

Pp: 90-120 (31)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805239411201010090

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The primary impediments to commercial space tourism industrial development were reported in this chapter. Insufficient investment was the single greatest impediment for several reasons. Investors were not attracted to commercial space projects. There were several obstacles to obtaining adequate investment, and inadequate investment cancelled space tourism plans. The second impediment to space tourism enterprise was space dangers. Dangers included space weather, radiation, debris, asteroids and meteors, space traffic congestion and outer space hazards. Excessive regulation was the third impediment. The negative consequences of excessive regulation were documented. Transportation dangers, the fourth impediment discussed, were identified and quantified. The fifth impediment involved medical and health issues. Space medical & health risks were described and the empirical space health record to date was examined. The significance of legal issues in space tourism was noted and the adequacy of contemporary commercial space law discussed. Pricepoint was the seventh primary impediment. This primary obstacle deterred commercialization of space tourism. Space tourism revenue did not exceed cost. The necessity for coalitions impeded space tourism. Commercial space cooperation was necessary, and coalitions must be international and include the public and private sectors and the travel and tourism industry. Problems with international cooperation were noted. Infrastructure inadequacy was identified as another primary impediment. Five types of needed space tourism infrastructure were located and it was observed that there was inadequate infrastructure. Politics was another obstacle to commercial space enterprise. Politics obstructed space tourism development and determined policy. Inadequate transportation was the final primary impediment.

Keywords: Acceleration, bone demineralization, coalition, communications infrastructure, deceleration, decompression, gravity, landing, microgravity, National Aeronautic and Space Administration, parabolic flight, radiation, solar flare, Space Adaptation Syndrome, space danger, space law, space sickness, space weather, takeoff, traffic control.

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