Refounding Corporate Governance: The Metaphysics of Corporate Leadership


Author(s): Bruce Cutting and Alexander Kouzmin

Pp: 201-203 (3)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805247911101010201

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The metaphor of the mind as expressed in the JEWAL Synthesis formwork of knowing brings together the wisdom of Eastern philosophical psychology, Western philosophy and depth psychology. The propounded triadic, hierarchical formwork enables an incisive analysis of the way organizations are structured, governed and operated and helps give new meaning to a number of long-standing management polemics in relation to American organizations. The analysis in this book has focused mainly on the American corporation which operates in the economic sphere of society and concludes that changes are needed to reflect the cultural transition that has taken place from a managerialist orientation to a politicist one. Organizations in the social sphere of society are particularly challenged by this cultural shift and some insights are discussed on how the universities should address the particular challenges they are facing. Overall, this book provides a new way of looking at current governance issues that challenge modern organizations.

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