Scientific Natural Philosophy


Author(s): E. E. Escultura

Pp: 108-148 (41)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805178611101010108

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GUT and its methodology (qualitative modeling) opens up new fields in physical psychology, biology, geological and atmospheric sciences, oceanography and medicine, and brings the science community to the threshold of the new epoch of GUT Technology. The summary of the solution of the gravitational n-body problem brings us to a full circle since the journey into theoretical physics, cosmology, philosophy and applications were started with this problem.

Its theoretical application to physical psychology is the underlying physics of the mind and here are its findings: (a) brain waves are the common medium for carrying out the brain’s and gene’s functions; (b) the brain controls entire body functions and processes, its principal function, and the cortex, the thin layer that wraps around the upper lobe of the brain, is the center of thought, its secondary function; (c) the main function of the gene is to produce body tissues in the cellular membrane and ensure that every part of the body grows in the right place. (d) the principal factor in evolution is the gene.

The theory of chaos and turbulence is developed in the geological and atmospheric sciences and applications, while wave motion and water current are explained in oceanography. The theory of genetic composition is developed towards the generation of technology for the treatment of genetic diseases.

An overview of the technological applications of GUT is provided and the common thread is the utilization of the clean, free and inexhaustible dark matter that is abundant everywhere in the Cosmos.

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