An Introduction to Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids

Mycosporine-like Amino Acids and their Biomolecular Properties

Author(s): Hakuto Kageyama *

Pp: 1-8 (8)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815136081123010003

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Mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) are natural ultraviolet (UV)- absorbing compounds that are attracting attention in the industrial field including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. This book provides a wide range of descriptions of MAAs, from fundamentals to applications. In order to discuss the properties of MAAs, an understanding of their chemical structures would be required. The purpose of this chapter is to understand the basic molecular structure of MAAs. In general, MAAs have structures in which amino acids are bound to the core structures of cyclohexenone or cyclohexenimine. In addition to the basic structure, the resonance hybrid structures of MAAs are also described here. Delocalization of electrons is considered to affect the stability and the absorption maximum wavelength of MAA molecules. We will also discuss the environmental factors that can affect the structure of MAAs. Finally, databases of molecular structure information of MAAs will be described. 

Keywords: Cyclohexenimine, Cyclohexenone, Environmental factors, Maximum absorption wavelength, Molar absorption coefficient, Molecular structure, Mycosporine-like amino acid, Resonance hybrid structure, Ultraviolet.

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