Omics Technologies for Clinical Diagnosis and Gene Therapy: Medical Applications in Human Genetics

Integrated Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Approaches: Applications in Diagnosis and Therapeutics

Author(s): Fatima Shahid, Shifa Tariq Ashraf, Hayeqa Shahwar Awan, Amina Basheer and Amjad Ali *

Pp: 114-136 (23)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079517122010011

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The advent of bioinformatics and integrated biology approaches has given rise to new avenues of diagnostic and therapeutic regimes. Living systems have been explored to identify disease-associated biomarkers that facilitate the early diagnosis of perilous medical conditions. Likewise, gene networks are pondered upon to obtain better insights into biochemical systems that can assist in the prediction and testing of the effects of various interactions within the systems. Genomics and proteomics-based approaches are being explored to facilitate the early diagnosis of cancers, shifting the paradigm towards noninvasive diagnostic alternatives. Bioinformatics has also fueled pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics-based strategies that have in turn contributed to the development of personalized medications. Similarly, the reverse vaccinology approach has emerged as a prominent option to combat deadly pathogens that were otherwise unrestrainable. This chapter highlights the fruits of integrated bioinformatics in diagnosing and treating detrimental conditions.

Keywords: Integrated bioinformatics, Precision medicine, Computational diagnostic tools, In silico Therapeutics, Reverse vaccinology.

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