The Art of Nanomaterials

Nanotechnology and Water

Author(s): Amin A. El-Meligi

Pp: 47-73 (27)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681089706122010006

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The environment is one of the hot issues nowadays because of pollution, global warming, and other issues. The main sources of energy are still non-renewable resources. Therefore, there is a need to solve environmental problems before it is too late to solve them. All living things on earth suffer because of environmental problems. The United Nation works with all countries to control environmental problems to protect the earth. Researchers pay great attention to help solve environmental problems. In addition to traditional methods of research, researchers use advanced technologies such as nanomaterials and nanotechnology. For example, in the near future, researchers will be able to use nanomaterials to extract energy from the air. Recently, attention has been paid to the relationship between nanoparticles and the environment, especially the impact of nanoparticle emission into the atmosphere on human health. There are a number of factors that can cause nanomaterials to adversely affect the ecosystem, for example, nanoparticles’ concentration, size, morphology and interaction of nanomaterials.

Keywords: Heavy Metals in Water, Nanotechnology and Water, Nanomaterials and Water Purification, Water and Contamination.

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