Therapeutic Implications of Natural Bioactive Compounds

Plant Based Bioactive Molecules in Diabetes with Their Therapeutic Mechanism

Author(s): Amit Kumar Dixit*, Qadir Alam, Deepti Dixit, Parvathy G. Nair and P.V.V. Prasad

Pp: 94-117 (24)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815080025122030008

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Plant based bioactive compounds are the secondary metabolites that are produced by them to perform their non-essential functions. They provide an ample source of nutraceuticals and therapeutics for humans. The research on these compounds is on trend these days and most of the research suggests their importance as therapeutic agents and as prophylactic agents against many diseases. Easy accessibility, and better efficacy with lesser adverse effects of bioactive compounds have made their research trending. Diabetes is the oldest known metabolic disease which requires a multimodal treatment approach for its management. The available drugs and treatment options are still unable to control the complications and economic burden faced by the patients. Many plants have been used traditionally for the management of diabetes worldwide. Now it has been well established that the plants provide a rich reservoir of bioactive compounds which have the potential to modulate various pathways involved in the regulation of blood glucose. This chapter discusses the common groups of plant derived bioactive compounds, their sources, and their mechanistic antidiabetic role.

Keywords: Bioactive compounds, Diabetes, Medicinal plants, Phytocompounds, Therapeutic potential.

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