Therapeutic Implications of Natural Bioactive Compounds

Potential Uses of Plant and Marine Derived Bioactive Compounds for Cancer Theragnostic

Author(s): Neha Jain, Mukesh Kumar Sharma*, Yoshihisa Matsumoto and Pallavi Kaushik *

Pp: 24-42 (19)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815080025122030005

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The evolution of novel strategies for application in all facets of cancer theragnostic has shown great progress in the past several decades. Bioactive compounds collected from plants and marine natural provenances have now been accredited as the crucial stepping stone to endow with fortification approach against several relentless ailments counting cancer. As per sundry investigations reports, the naturally occurring bioactive compounds possess an unprecedented molecular diversity with the potential to modulate several metabolic processes with high priority objectives such as low toxicity, targeting multiple drug resistance and heterogeneity of the tumor cells. These attributes with bioactive compounds can provide safe and high quality of healthy life achievable with easily available low-cost alternatives and nominal or no side effects. In topical quondam, numerous potent phytochemicals and marine molecules have been isolated, exemplified, identified, and are under disparate phases of clinical trials for human welfare. In this context, the chapter addresses recently discovered plant and marine originated natural compounds for cancer therapeutics concerning with more targeted and innoxious approach with future outlook. Moreover, an attempt to consolidate data on various bioactive compounds has been made which herald to aid in unrelenting research into potential use either solely or in combination with other widely employed therapies. 

Keywords: Anticancer therapeutics, Bioactive compounds, Cytotoxic, Phytochemicals, Tumorigenesis.

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