Introductory Statistical Procedures with SPSS

Estimation and Inference

Author(s): Muhammad Arslan Nasir, Hassan S. Bakouch and Farrukh Jamal

Pp: 131-147 (17)

Doi: 10.2174/9789815039023122010009

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This chapter gives the methods and tools for the estimation of parameters, which includes the point estimation and interval estimation. The confidence interval includes the construction of 100(1−α)% interval limits for, single population(one sample) mean µ, the difference between two population means (independent sample) µ1 − µ2 for equal and unequal variances, the confidence interval for paired samples(related samples). The procedures to perform these methods on SPSS are given.

Keywords: Point estimation, Interval estimation, One sample t-test, Independent sample t-test, Paired sample t-test.

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