Progress in Green Economics

Green Economic Transition Scenarios in the Arctic Region

Author(s): Filip Lestan* and Sajal Kabiraj

Pp: 17-45 (29)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050172122010004

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


When the words “Energy” and “Arctic” occur together within the global
context, in most of the cases, the ideology creates an image and ideas of large fossil
fuel projects, oil and gas rigs, and ship tankers. Governments, institutions,
businessmen, and other key stakeholders from the energy sector in the Arctic region
face pressures that could be translated as green transition, low-carbon age, or data
regarding the new oil. The green economy is a significant concept that refers to the the
green transition of energy resources in the Arctic region. This particular chapter
highlights numerous global trends, key driving forces and assumptions that have a
direct impact on the future evolution of green transition in the Arctic region by the year
2030. The primary goal of this chapter was to create and draw potential future
alternatives for the development of transition to green energy in the Arctic region by
2030. Hence, authors developed three green transition scenarios which do not aim to
strictly project and forecast the future; instead, the aim is to identify possible
alternatives of green transition evolution in the Arctic region by 2030. In addition to
that, the authors developed a framework of key driving forces influencing green
transition in the Arctic region, and introduced wild scenarios of green transition in the
Arctic region.

Keywords: Energy, Green transition, Scenarios.

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