Image Processing in Renewable Energy Resources: Opportunities and Challenges

Automatic Generation Control using Whale Optimization Algorithm tuned PID Controller

Author(s): Shamik Chatterjee*, Md. Ariful Islam, Mwango Keith Chileshe and Ahmed Abdellatif Ibrahim Osman

Pp: 58-71 (14)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815036992122010006

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This research work deals with the automatic generation control of a purely
hydro-power system consisting of three areas. It can be done with the implementation
of an optimization technique for the tuning of the proposed controller. An evolutionary
algorithm called whale optimization algorithm (WOA) has been utilized for the
automatic generation control (AGC) methodology. The control methodology has been
inserted to eliminate the fluctuation with reference to the load connected with the
system. The optimization technique is an important factor in this research work which
is used to attain the desired output from the studied system. The deviation in the
frequency profile for all three areas has been considered for the analysis of the
investigated system. The simulation results yield some investigation based on the
transient response, and through the responses, it may be reported that the propounded
WOA based PID controller may be inserted in the purely hydro system consisting of
three areas for minimizing the fluctuations.

Keywords: Automatic Generation Control, Proportional Integral Derivative Controller, Three-area Hydropower, Whale Optimization Algorithm.

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