Nanotherapeutic Strategies and New Pharmaceuticals (Part 2)

Nanotherapeutics for the Treatment of Voltage Gated Ion Channels

Author(s): Fahad Hassan Shah, Song Ja Kim*, Muniba Tariq, Sifeng Lucy Chen, Zunaira Afzal, Maham Chaudry, Saad Salman, Hassan A. Hemeg and Shahid Ali Khan

Pp: 72-91 (20)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815036725121010006

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Nanomedicine is the best way to deliver the plant bioactive to the targeted site. To deliver the plant bioactive in such a small range (10-9) prevents it from many problems like toxicity, less solubility, low permeation through membrane bilayer as well as enhancing the therapeutic activity and bioavailability of the plant drug. Nanotechnologies like liposomes, emulsions, nanoparticles, and hydrogels are proven to transport the plant extracts at the site of action and enhanced their efficacy and efficiency. Nanotechnologies have shown a new picture to achieve the best advantage out of the plant extracts and are serving in the fields of medical, cosmetics, and pharmaceutics.

Keywords: Bioavailability, Nanoparticles, Plant Extracts, Targeted Delivery, Therapeutics.

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