Fundamentals of Materials Engineering- A Basic Guide


Author(s): Shashanka Rajendrachari and Orhan Uzun

Pp: 81-112 (32)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811489228121010007

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In the present chapter, we have discussed the classification of polymers, structure, properties, fabrication process, and polymerization mechanism. Generally, polymers are made up of a series of molecules joining together and the average molecular weight of chains ranges from 10,000 to more than one million. The process of chemically joining the monomers together to create giant molecules is called polymerization. In polymers, atoms are joined together by a strong bond called covalent bonding. Many of the polymers are organic (carbon-based polymers) and inorganic (non-carbon based polymers like polysiloxanes, polyphosphazene, polysilanes, etc.).

Keywords: Addition and condensation polymerization, Bakelite, Branched and cross-linking polymers, Classification, Homo and co-polymers, Linear, Mechanisms, Molding techniques, Natural polymers, Nylon, Polymers, Properties of polymers, Polyethylene, PVC, Poly propylene, Synthetic polymers, Tacticity, Thermosetting and thermoplastics.

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