Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics: An Historic-Axiomatic Approach

Conservation and Change of Stationary States

Author(s): Peter Enders

Pp: 142-150 (9)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681084497119010013

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The time-independent Schrödinger equation represents a stationary-state equation. The stationary wave functions obtained so far are time independent. Their time-dependence is obtained by means of rather general arguments. Then, stationarystate functions are found. The next step in Newton’s and Euler’s representations of classical mechanics is (to derive) the equation of change of stationary-states. Here, Euler’s principles of stationary-state change are generalized to quantum-mechanical systems. This enables us to derive the quantum-mechanical equation of change of stationary-states. The time-independent Schrödinger equation, i.e, the equation of motion will follow in the next chapter.

Keywords: Equation of change of stationary-states, Euler’s principles of stationary- state change, Stationary-state functions, Stationary wave function, Timeindependent Schrödinger equation.

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