Towards a Unified Soil Mechanics Theory: The Use of Effective Stresses in Unsaturated Soil, Revised Edition

Collapse Upon Wetting

Author(s): Eduardo Rojas

Pp: 123-141 (19)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681086996118010014

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This chapter presents the modeling of the phenomenon of collapse upon wetting using the effective stress equation established in Chapter 2 and the elastoplastic framework proposed in the previous chapter. Using the probabilistic porous-solid model, Bishop’s parameter χ can be obtained to determine the current effective stress. The proposed framework includes the hysteresis of the SWRC and to some extent the hydro-mechanical coupling of unsaturated soils. This model is able to reproduce some particularities of the phenomenon of collapse upon wetting that other models cannot simulate.

Keywords: Bishop’s effective stress equation, Collapse upon wetting, Compacted soils, Effective stress, Elastoplastic framework, Hydro-mechanical coupling, Hysteresis, Neutral loading, Porous-solid model, Preconsolidation stress, Soilwater retention curve, Suction controlled tests, Suction hardening, Unsaturated soils, Yield surface.

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