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Methods: We designed a case study that included eight patients diagnosed with AIDS and cryptococcal meningitis. Seven patients were treated with 800 mg of posaconazole orally for 28 days.

Results: During the second week of treatment, a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) culture was performed and was negative for the development of C. neoformans. The patients showed an improvement in signs and symptoms of impairment of the CNS such as reduction of cephalea, fever, visual disturbances such as double vision, meningism and papilledema, and improved alertness and environmental awareness.

Conclusions: CNS fungal infections usually occur in immunocompromised patients. The use of systemic antifungal agents contributes to the development of fungal resistance. The results of this study suggest that posaconazole is a good alternative in the treatment of fungal CNS infection due to C. neoformans.]]> <![CDATA[ Antifungal Therapy Used in Central Nervous System Fungal Infections]]>https://www.benthamscience.comarticle/23690 <![CDATA[ Posaconazole: A New Antifungal Weapon]]>https://www.benthamscience.comarticle/33527