New Findings from Natural Substances

Essential Oils and their Chemical Constituents: The Potential Role in the Leukemic Diseases

Author(s): Valentina Laghezza Masci, Elisa Ovidi* and Stefania Garzoli

Pp: 33-80 (48)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815051421122010005

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Essential oils (EOs), or the volatile fraction produced by aromatic plants, possess a large number of biological activities. In the last few years, their possible use in anticancer therapy has been under investigation. The anticancer potential of EOs against leukemic diseases and their chemical composition have been reported in this chapter, highlighting the in vitro studies against different cell models with their cytotoxicity and the corresponding mechanism of action.

Keywords: Apoptosis induction, Chemical composition, Cytotoxicity, Essential oils, Leukemia cells, Leukemia diseases, Leukemia treatments.

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