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Bentham Science Announces the New Journal, “Current Nanotoxicity and Prevention” PRESS RELEASE DATE : 18-October-2019

Bentham Science announces the launch of the subscription-based journal,  Current Nanotoxicity and Prevention . The first issue of the journal will be available online by the mid of the year, 2020.

Dr. Rajendra Susai is the Editor-in-Chief of this new journal. Dr. Rajendra Susai has been serving as Professor of Chemistry at RVS School of Engineering and Technology.

Current Nanotoxicity and Prevention aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers and practitioners, to share innovative research and engineering practices that prevent nano-toxicity.

The journal also aims to explore how innovative methods are used for detection, evaluation and mitigating nanotoxicity. In addition, new safety regulations for manufacturer/application/disposal/exposure of nanomaterials will be proposed in the journal.

For more information about the journal, please visit:

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