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Bentham Science Announces the Launch of Journal, “Current Functional Foods” PRESS RELEASE DATE : 29-January-2021

Bentham Science announces the launch of the subscription-based journal, Current Functional Foods . The first issue of the journal will be available online in the year 2021.

Dr. Adriano Mollica is the Editor-in-Chief of this new journal. He is affiliated with the University of G. d'Annunzio Chieti and Pescara, Italy. Dr. Azzurra Stefanucci from the University of G. d'Annunzio Chieti and Pescara, Italy, serves as the Co-Editor for the journal.

 Current Functional Foods ” aims to publish cutting edge research in the field of foods and food ingredients with health benefits.

The journal focuses on functional foods with emphasis on food chemistry technology, nutrition and health. Reviews and research papers with an interdisciplinary approach are welcomed. The journal covers the fields of bioactive plants used for nutrition, dietary fiber, probiotics; functional lipids; bioactive peptides; vitamins, minerals and botanicals and other dietary supplements. Experimental works dealing with food digestion, bioavailability of food bioactives and the mechanisms by which foods and their components are able to modulate physiological parameters connected with disease prevention of dysmetabolism will be considered for publication. The areas covered include new food bioactives, efficacy and toxicology of bioactive compounds, and other healthy food constituents. The use of genomic, chemical and biochemical technologies for study of such materials is included.

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