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Bentham Science Partners with Kudos PRESS RELEASE DATE : 20-November-2015

Dubai, UAE: Bentham Science Publishers has signed a collaboration with Kudos to increase the portfolio of its services for Bentham authors.

Kudos is one of the most popular media, used by researchers, to network and highlight their research. It is a web-based service that helps researchers, their institutions and funding agencies to maximize the visibility and impact of their published articles. It aims to provide a highly automated, scalable service to help researchers and their institutions measure, monitor and maximize the usage of and citations to their published articles.

“Kudos gives publishers greater visibility of how their authors are using communications channels including social media, email, academic networks and the wider web,” says Charlie Rapple, Kudos Sales & Marketing Director and Co-Founder. "We are delighted to welcome Bentham Science Publishers to our community, and hope that we can help them to gain insight into how best to spread the word about research publications."

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