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Current Stem Cell Research and Therapy

Guest Editor(s): Guannan Chen
Tentative Publication Date: April, 2019
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Bring Stem Cell Therapies to Cure Intervertebral Disc Degeneration to The Forefront

Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy , Volume 10, Number 4
Guest Editor(s): Feng Wang, Hai-Qiang Wang

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Guest Editor(s): Jian-Xin Gao
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Authors' Comments
We would liket to thank the editorial team of Bentham Science Publication "Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy" for the quick assessment of our manuscript titled as 'From Stem Cell Biology To The Treatment Of Lung Diseases'.

Aysen Gunel-Ozcan
(Hacettepe University Institute of Health Sciences, Department of Stem Cell Sciences, Center for Stem Cell Research and Development, Ankara, Turkey)

Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy


Volume 13


Number 6

Review Article

Epithelial In vitro Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

, 13(6): 409 - 422

Alvaro Sierra-Sanchez*, Alexandra Ordonez-Luque, Olga Espinosa Ibanez, Antonio Ruiz-Garcia and Salvador Arias Santiago

DOI: 10.2174/1574888X13666180501120416

Review Article

Non Pregnant Human Uterus as Source of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

, 13(6): 423 - 431

Noemi Eiro, Maria Fraile, Jose Schneider and Francisco Vizoso*

DOI: 10.2174/1381612824666180426120459

Review Article

Review Article

Review Article

Review Article

The Role of Stem Cells for Reconstructing the Lower Urinary Tracts

, 13(6): 458 - 465

Niall F. Davis*, Eoghan M. Cunnane, John J. Mulvihill, Mark R. Quinlan, Damien M. Bolton, Michael T. Walsh and Gregory S. Jack

DOI: 10.2174/1574888X13666180426113907

Systemic Review Article

Systemic Review Article

Application of Electrospinning Strategy on Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Yao Liu*, Li Liu, Zhi Wang, Guangsen Zheng, Qianming Chen and En Luo

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CRISPR/Cas9 in Stem Cell Research: Current Application and Future Perspective

Sathya Narayanan Patmanathan, Nareshwaran Gnanasegaran, Moon Nian Lim*, Roslina Husaini, Kamal Shaik Fakiruddin and Zubaidah Zakaria

View Abstract View on PubMed

Current Status of Stem Cell Therapies in Tissue Repair and Regeneration

Tapan Kumar Giri, Amit Alexander*, Mukta Agrawal, Swarnalata Saraf, Shailendra Saraf and Ajazuddin

View Abstract View on PubMed

Animal Models Used for Testing Hydrogels in Cartilage Regeneration

Chuntie Zhu, Qiong Wu, Xu Zhang, Fubo Chen, Xiyang Liu , Qixiang Yang and Lei Zhu*

View Abstract View on PubMed

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Research in Veterinary Medicine

Mudasir Bashir Gugjoo, Amarpal*, Vikash Chandra, Mohd Yaqoob Wani, Kuldeep Dhama and Gutulla Taru Sharma

View Abstract View on PubMed

Electrospun Fibers for Cartilage Tissue Regeneration

Guo Li, Sirong Shi, Shiyu Lin, Tengfei Zhou, Xiaoru Shao, Qiao Huang, Bofeng Zhu* and Xiaoxiao Cai

View Abstract View on PubMed

The Use of Electrospun Scaffolds in Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering: A Focus on Tendon

Edward T Stace, Navraj S Nagra*, Saket Tibrewal, Wasim Khan and Andrew J Carr

View Abstract View on PubMed

Physical Cues Drive Chondrogenic Differentiation

Qi Zhang, Shiyu Lin, Jinfeng Liao and Xiaoxiao Cai*

View Abstract View on PubMed

Amalgamation of stem cells with nanotechnology: A unique therapeutic approach

Amit Alexander, Shailendra Saraf*, Swarnlata Saraf, Mukta Agrawal, Ravish J Patel, Palak Agrawal, Junaid Khan and Ajazuddin

View Abstract

Reporter Mice Used for Dentinogenesis Study

, 2018; 13(2): 91 - 100

Jing Yang, Fanyuan Yu, Feng Lou, Fanzi Wu, Dian Chen, Chenglin Wang and Ling Ye

DOI: 10.2174/1574888X11666161201115754

Future of Spermatogonial Stem Cell Culture: Application of Nanofiber Scaffolds

, 2017; 12(7): 544 - 553

Azar Shams , Neda Eslahi , Mansoureh Movahedin, Fariborz Izadyar, Hamidreza Asgari and Morteza Koruji *

DOI: 10.2174/1574888X12666170623095457

Tissue Elasticity Bridges Cancer Stem Cells to the Tumor Microenvironment Through microRNAs: Implications for a “Watch-and-Wait” Approach to Cancer

, 2017; 12(6): 455 - 470

Shengwen Calvin Li*, Long T. Vu, Jane Jianying Luo, Jiang F. Zhong, Zhongjun Li*, Brent A Dethlefs, William G. Loudon and Mustafa H. Kabeer

DOI: 10.2174/1574888X12666170307105941

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