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Applied Clinical Research, Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs

Volume 7, 3 Issues, 2020
ISSN: 2213-4778 (Online)
ISSN: 2213-476X (Print)
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Open Access Articles

First FDA Approved 3D Printed Drug Paved New Path for Increased Precision in Patient Care

, 2020; 7: 1 - 11 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

C. Venkateswara Reddy*, Balamuralidhara V., M. P. Venkatesh and T. M. Pramod Kumar

Implementation of Quality by Design: A Review

, 2019; 6(2): 99 - 111

Deepika Purohit, Manisha Saini, Parijat Pandey, Swagat Tripathy and Harish Dureja*

US FDA Warning Letters of CAPA Violations. A Review

, 2019; 6: 1 - 6 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

Pavan Deshpande, Rutuja Agawane, Sarath Chandra Tatikola and Vasantharaju S. G.*

Enhanced Globalization and Speed to Market for Innovative Medicines

, 2015; 2(3): 176 - 185

Leticia Delgado-Herrera, Natalie Boone, Judy Kannenberg, Marcel van Gelderen, Keiichirou Ogawa, Mary Beth Blauwet, Marlowe J Schneidkraut, Sabine Agena, Raymond van Aarle, Yosuke Kubota, Marjan van der Werf-Pieters, Ivanka Baaij and Salim Mujais

A Concept for Clinical Research Triggered by Suggestions from Systematic Reviews About Adjunctive Antibiotics

, 2014; 1(1): 43 - 50

Inga Harks, Dag Harmsen, Martina Gravemeier, Karola Prior, Raphael Koch, Stephan Doering, Gregor Petersilka, Thomas Weniger, Peter Eickholz, Thomas Hoffmann, Ti-Sun Kim, Thomas Kocher, Jorg Meyle, Peter Purucker, Ulrich Schlagenhauf and Benjamin Ehmke

Regulating Clinical Trials in Saudi Arabia

, 2014; 1(1): 2 - 9

SA. Bawazir, H. Hashan, A. Al Hatareshah, A. Al Ghamdi and K. Al Shahwan

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