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Articles Ahead of Print

Flow Injection Spectrophotometric Determination of Polyhexamethylene Biguanide Hydrochloride in Contact-Lens Detergents Using Anionic Dyes

Takashi Masadome *, Shota Oguch , Teruyuki Kobayashi and Toshiaki Hattori

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Therapeutic Monitoring of Carbamazepine in Epilepsy Patients by Highly Sensitive LC/MS Method and its Clinical Applications

Abdul Sami Shaikh*, Fanlong Bu, Huanjun Liu, Chunmei Geng, Pingli Li, Rui Zhang and Ruichen Guo

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Nanocrystalline Cellulose as Reinforcement for Polymeric Matrix Nanocomposites and its Potential Applications: A Review

Ahmad Ilyas Rushdan, Mohd Sapuan Salit*, Muhammed Lamin Sanyang and Mohamad Ridzwan Ishak

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Recent Advances in Silver Nanoparticle Containing Biopolymer Nanocomposites for Infectious Disease Control – A Mini Review

Md A Wahab*, Nazrul Islam, M Enamul Hoque and David James Young

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A Review on Phenolic Resin and its Composites

Mohd Asim, Naheed Saba, Mohammad Jawaid, Mohammad Nasir, Mohammed Pervaiz and Othman Y. Alothman

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New Generation Antibacterial Nanofibrous Membrane for Potential Water Filtration

M Enamul Hoque*, A. Maryanne Peiris , S. M. Atiqure Rahman and M. Abdul Wahab

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Next Generation Biomimetic Bone Tissue Engineering Matrix From Poly (L- Lactic Acid) Pla/Calcium Carbonate Composites Doped With Silver Nanoparticles

M Enamul Hoque*, J Mahmoud Ghorban Daei and M Khalid

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Plasticizers in Drinking Water and Beverages

Montserrat Cortina-Puig*, Elena Hurtado-Fernández and Silvia Lacorte

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General European Legislation for Food Contact Materials

Montserrat Castillo and Antonio Borrell*

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Bisphenols and Alkylphenols in Food: From Farm to Table

Serenella Seccia, Margherita Fattore, Lucia Grumetto and Stefania Albrizio*

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Analytical Methods for the Determination of Plasticizers in Food and Beverages

Raquel Seró, Oscar Núñez, Francisco Javier Santos and Encarnacion Moyano*

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Plasticizers and Bisphenol as Food Contaminants: Sources and Human Risk

Evelina Fasano* and Teresa Cirillo

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Enantioseparation and Determination of Norepinephrine, Epinephrine and Isoproterenol by Capillary Electrophoresis-indirect Electrochemiluminescence in Human Serum

Yuefang Hu and Xiaoping Wei*

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Optimization and Validation of a Microscale In vitro Method to Assess α-Glucosidase Inhibition Activity

Graciela Granados-Guzmán, Rocio Castro-Rios, Noemi Waksman de Torres and Ricardo Salazar Aranda*

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High Sensitivity Determination of Atorvastatin Calcium in Pharmaceuticals and Biological Fluids Using Adsorptive Anodic Stripping Voltammetry onto Surface of Ultra-Trace Graphite Electrode

Ali Alghamdi*

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Selective Method for Determination and Microextraction of Imatinib at Trace Levels; A Possible Dose Monitoring Technique in Cancer Patients

Nasim Faridi, Nahid Ghasemi, Mahnaz Qomi* and Majid Ramezani

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Quantitative Analysis of Metformin with Special Emphasis on Sensors: A Review

Chandra S Pundir*, Ritu Deswal, Vinay Narwal and Jagriti Narang

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Application of Nanosized LiFePO4 Modified Electrode to Electrochemical Sensor and Biosensor

Zuorui Wen, Xueliang Niu, Xiaoyan Li , Wenshu Zhao, Xiaobao Li, Dongxue Ma , Ying Deng , Xiaohuan Sun and Wei Sun

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Simultaneous Structural and Quantitative Analysis of Starch from Flue- Cured Tobacco Leaves by 13C CP/MAS NMR Spectroscopy

Xiaolan Zhu*, Yingbo Xu, Shun Zhou, Jun Yang and Yun Gao

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Determination of Indoxyl Sulphate on Carbon Film Composite Electrode and Carbon Paste Electrode

Michala Bergerova, Milan Libansky and Hana Dejmková*

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Electrochemical Properties of Prussian Blue@Fe3O4 Nano-Hybrid Modified Pencil Drawn Electrode on Paper

Ezzaldeen Younes Jomma*, Ning Bao and Shou-Nian Ding

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Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Malondialdehyde in Plasma Samples After Liquid–Liquid Microextraction

Sajad Azizi, Jafar Soleymani, Maryam Khoubnasabjafari, Azam Samadi and Abolghasem Jouyban*

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Coupled Transport of Pb(II) Ions Through a Bulk Liquid Membrane as a Preconcentration Method for Saline Natural Waters

M.J. Casanueva-Marenco*, M.D. Galindo-Riaño and M.D. Granado-Castro

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Electrochemical DNA Sensor Based on Chitosan-Graphene and Electrodeposited Gold Nanoparticle Modified Electrode for the Detection of Staphylococcus aureus nuc Gene Sequence

Xueliang Niu, Wen Zheng*, Xiaoyan Li, Wenshu Zhao, Zuorui Wen, Qiutong Li, Hui Xie and Wei Sun

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Genetic Algorithm Based Wavelengths Selection Coupled with Partial Least Squares for Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of Phosphate and Silicate in Detergent Products

Mehdi Nekoei*

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Mass Spectral Studies of the Biologically Active Stereoisomer Family of e,e,e-(Methanofullerene(60-63)-Carboxylic Acids

Michael Grayson, Joshua Hardt, Michael Gross, Subhasish K. Chakraborty and Laura l. Dugan*

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Green Analytical Chemistry and Quality by Design: A Combined approach towards Robust and Sustainable Modern Analysis

Seema D Saroj*, Priya Shah, Vinod Jairaj and Rajeshwari Rathod

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Investigation of Antioxidant Activity and Trace Metals in Medicinal Plants in Kashmir, Pakistan

Muhammad Aslam Mirza*, Kousar Yasmeen, Ayesha Fazal, Muhammad Aziz Choudhary, Zahoor Ahmed and Faria Nisar

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Ultra-Sensitive Electrochemical Sensor for the Determination of Pyrazinamide

Rajasekhar Chokkareddy, Natesh Kumar Bhajanthri, Gan G. Redhi* and Dhirendra G. Redhi

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A New Separation and Enrichment Method of Heavy Metals in Water and Food Samples Using 2-(2'-Benzothiazolylazo)-6-Aminophenol Impregnated Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Soad Selem Abd El Hay*, Hibah Aldawsari and Ayman Gouda

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Single Wall Carbon Nanotube and Magnetic Bead Based Electrochemical Immunosensor for Sensitive Detection of Salivary Secretory Immunoglobulin A

Syazana Abdullah Lim, David Koh and Minhaz Uddin Ahmed*

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Utility of Ionic Liquid-based Surfactant in Enhancement of Oxidation Peak Signal of Atorvastatin at Pencil Graphite Electrode

Azza H. Rageh, Marwa R. El-Zahry and Noha N Atia*

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Current Progress in Aptasensors for Heavy Metal Ions Based on Photoelectrochemical Method: A Review

Bo Peng, Lin Tang*, Guangming Zeng, Yaoyu Zhou, Yi Zhang, Beiqing Long, Siyuan Fang, Song Chen and Jiangfang Yu

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Online Coupling of Two-Phase Flow Solvent Extraction Microfluidics with Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Van Khoai Do*, Masahiko Yamamoto, Shigeo Taguchi, Takehiko Kuno and Naoki Surugaya

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Optimization and Validation of a Fluorescence Method for the Determination of Primaquine in Pharmaceutical Formulation

Aida Makram Nouralla Altigani, Abdalla Ahmed Elbashir and Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein*

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Chitosan Nanocomposite Modified OPH-Based Amperometric Sensor for Organophosphorus Pesticides Determination

Mary Triny Beleno Cabarcas, Margarita Stoytcheva*, Roumen Zlatev, Gisela Montero, Zdravka Velkova and Velizar Gochev

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Application of Design of Experiment for Detection of Meat Fraud with a Portable Near-Infrared Spectrometer

Verena Wiedemair, Martin De Biasio, Raimund Leitner, Dirk Balthasar and Christian Huck

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Voltammetric Determination of Ophthalmic Drug Dexamethasone Using Poly-glycine Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes Modified Paste Electrode

Ersin Demir, Onur İnam, Recai İnam and Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein

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A Novel all Solid-State Contact PVC-Membrane Beryllium-Selective Electrode Based on 4-Hydroxybenzo-15-Crown-5 Ether Ionophore

Ibrahim Isildak, Azade Attar, Ersin Demir, Baris Kemer and Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein

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Simple and Sensitive Kinetic Spectrometric Methods for Determination of Formaldehyde in Rainwater Samples

Zenovia Moldovana, Hassan Aboul-Enein, Mihaela Carmen Cheregi and Olga Niculescu

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New Simple Ion-Selective Membrane Electrode for serious environmental pollutant, Mercury (II), analysis in aqueous solution, fluorescent mercury lamp white dust, mercurochrome and dental alloy

Abeer M. Elsied Hassan, Hytham M. Ahmed and Hassan Aboul-Enein

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Voltammetric Determination of Carprofen

Hassan Aboul-Enein, Iulia Gabriela David, Dana Elena Popa, Mihaela Buleandra, Georgeta-Simona Stan, Irinel Adriana Badea and Emilia-Elena Iorgulescu

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Rapid confirmatory method for the determination of Danofloxacin and N-desmethyl Danofloxacin in European seabass by UPLC-PDA

Sofia C. Vardali, Victoria F. Samanidou and Yannis P. Kotzamanis

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