Protein & Peptide Letters

ISSN (Print): 0929-8665
ISSN (Online): 1875-5305

Volume 30, Issues 12, 2023

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

Advances in Research of Tandem Repeat-Containing Proteins

Guest Editor(s): Norio Matsushima

October 2023

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Enzymes for biofuels and bioethanol production

Guest Editor(s): Diego F. Gomez-Casati

July 2023

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Lipid Droplet Proteome: the molecular players of cellular lipid storage

Guest Editor(s): Sara Missaglia

June 2023

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Design and discovery of peptides targeted against infectious diseases and the constant fight in the era of resistance

Guest Editor(s): Cesar Augusto Roque-Borda

August 2023

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Role of Protein catalysts in lignocellulosics digestibility to value added products

Guest Editor(s): Ikram ul Haq

Guest Editor(s): Yong Xu

November 2021

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Computational method in protein structure and function data

Guest Editor(s): Hao Lin

December 2019

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Recombinant proteins: Emerging production trends and applications

Guest Editor(s): Muhammad Sarwar Khan

December 2019

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24 5 2017 152353
Impacts and regulation of dietary nutrients on gut microbiome and immunity

Guest Editor(s): Long He

Guest Editor(s): Shabnam Farrar

Guest Editor(s): Xi Ma

May 2017

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24 4 2017 150768

Guest Editor(s): Hong-Yu Hu

June 2017

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24 2 2017 148979
Emerging Biopharmaceuticals from Bioactive Peptides

Guest Editor(s): Michael K. Danquah

Guest Editor(s): Dominic Agyei

Guest Editor(s): Chibuike C. Udenigwe

January 2017

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23 8 2016 143788

Guest Editor(s): Mariana S. Castro

Guest Editor(s): Wagner Fontes

July 2016

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23 5 2016 141171
Applications of Environment Stress Related Protein in Grass Improvement

Guest Editor(s): Meiliang Zhou

Guest Editor(s): Yanmin Wu

May 2016

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23 3 2016 139489
Synchrotron Applications in Life Sciences

Guest Editor(s): Enrique Rudino Pinera

Guest Editor(s): Vivian Stojanoff

July 2016

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21 10 2014 124386
Advances in Therapeutic Glycopeptides

Guest Editor(s): Wenbing Zeng

Guest Editor(s): Yue-Lei Chen

November 2014

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21 8 2014 122943
Structure and Function of Proteins

Guest Editor(s): M. Michael Gromiha

May 2014

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21 3 2014 113402
Peptides and Proteins View by Nanopores: Experiments, Simulations and Theory

Guest Editor(s): Juan Pelta

March 2014

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