Current Drug Metabolism

ISSN (Print): 1389-2002
ISSN (Online): 1875-5453

Volume 23 , Issues 14, 2022

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

Factors influencing ADME properties of drugs: advances and applications

Guest Editor(s): Zhang Shuang-Qing

August 2022

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Nucleic acid nanomaterials: distributions, biostability and applications

Guest Editor(s): Lin Yunfeng

Dec 2022

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Vesicular Drug Delivery Systems: Improved Pharmacokinetics Properties and Safety Profile of Pharmaceutical Substances

Guest Editor(s): Sahu Ram Kumar

Guest Editor(s): Mathew Bijo

January 2022

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Phytochemical-based Nano-formulation for Cancer Management

Guest Editor(s): Saeed Mohd

Guest Editor(s): Aqil Farukh

February 2022

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Absorption, disposition and pharmacokinetic properties of novel therapeutic modalities

Guest Editor(s): Zhang Shuang-Qing

Guest Editor(s): Chen Feng

July 2020

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New Therapeutic Molecules and Their Metabolism In Gastroenterology

Guest Editor(s): Ianiro Gianluca

Guest Editor(s): Maida Marcello

Guest Editor(s): Nakov Radislav

July 2020

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Current Trends For Rationalizing Brain Targeting Nanoparticles In Neurological Disorders

Guest Editor(s): Ashraf Ghulam Md

Guest Editor(s): Barreto George E.

Guest Editor(s): Javed Md Noushad

Guest Editor(s): Naim Mohd. Javed

September 2020

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Alternative Drugs in Bacterial Resistance Control: Synergism Through Resistance Inhibitors

Guest Editor(s): Tintino Saulo Relison

Guest Editor(s): Pereira Pedro Silvino

March 2020

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Drug Metabolism in Drug Combination and Drug Repurposing

Guest Editor(s): Vale Nuno

October 2020

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New methods and technology in drugs metabolism and pharmacokinetics

Guest Editor(s): Cai Wei

Guest Editor(s): Zhang Jiayu

June 2020

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The Drug Resistance Mechanisms of Cancer Cells and a Potential Treatment Strategy

Guest Editor(s): Nagano Tatsuya

Guest Editor(s): Kunimasa Kei

March 2021

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Biotransformation of drugs and other xenobiotics as the key modulator of toxicity

Guest Editor(s): Orhan Hilmi

June 2020

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