Current Microwave Chemistry

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Volume 10, Issues 2, 2023

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Institutional Members

Editorial Board

cmic Editor-in-Chief cmic_ebm_j-j-wu_001 Wu Jerry J. Department of Environmental Engineering and Science Feng Chia University Taichung Taiwan

Jerry Wu received his Ph.D. degree in 1998 from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Michigan State University, USA. He is currently a distinguished professor at Feng Chia University in Taiwan. Prof. Wu’s research interests include ozonation and advanced oxidation processes for water and wastewater treatment, functional materials for sensor, energy, medical, biochemical, and environmental applications, analytical techniques for molecule substances and micro pollutants. In addition, he is also interested in the nanomaterial synthesis via sonochemcial or microwaved approaches and photocatalysis applications, including decontamination, electrochemistry, and hydrogen production from water splitting. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Associate Editor cmic_ebm_j-xu_001 Xu Jiaxi Department of Organic Chemistry Beijing University of Chemical Technology Beijing China

Professor Jiaxi Xu is full professor in Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing. He previously was appointed as an associate professor and full-professor of organic chemistry at College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, Beijing, China. He received his B. Sc. in chemistry in 1987 and Ph. D. in organic chemistry in 1992 in Department of Chemistry at Peking University, Beijing, China. He carried out postdoctoral stays in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Beijing Medical University, Beijing, China (1992-1994), in Department of Chemistry at Colorado State University, USA (2000-2001), and in School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA (2001-2002). Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Regional Editors North America cmic_re_zheng_001 Zheng Qi-Huang Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences Indiana University Indianapolis IN USA

Dr. Zheng is Director of PET Radiochemistry and Tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Indiana University School of Medicine, USA. He has near 30 years of experience in synthetic organic chemistry, and 21 years of experience in radiopharmaceutical chemistry. He holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (1990) from Zhongshan University, China. He serves as an Editorial Board Member, a manuscript reviewer, an abstract reviewer and a grant reviewer for many scientific journals, scientific meetings and grant agencies/foundations. He has published over 300 research and review articles, meeting abstracts, and book chapters. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
South America cmic_re_souza_001 De Souza Marcus V.N. Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology Far-Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Marcus Vinícius Nora de Souza is a senior technologist at Oswaldo Cruz public health foudation – RJ, and leads a research group in organic chemistry, with emphasis in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry, acting on neglected diseases (tuberculosis and malaria), cancer and synthetic methodologies. He has authored more than 250 manuscripts, 5 patents and 3 books, and their formation includes a PhD in organic and bioorganic chemistry (Universite de Paris XI (Paris-Sud) – France) with stage at the University of Barcelona – Spain, and three postdocs in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry (University of Florida – USA, Federal University of Juiz de Fora – MG, Pharmaceutical industry Genzyme - Boston – USA). Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Section Editor(s) cmic_re_Bubun-Banerjee-as_001 Microwave-Assisted Organic Transformations Banerjee Bubun Department of Chemistry Akal University Bathinda India

Dr. Bubun Banerjee received his Ph.D. degree from Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India. He has nearly ten years of experience in the field of research related to green and sustainable developments. Presently, he is working as an assistant professor of chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Akal University, Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda, India. Dr. Banerjee has published more than 100 research articles in internationally renowned journals and authored sixteen book chapters. He has also co-edited eight books and guest edited nine different special thematic issues. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_re_chen-g-as_001 Microwave in Engineering Chen Guo Kunming University of Science and Technology Kunming China

Dr. Guo Chen received MSE and Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering, KMUST from Kunming University of Science and Technology. He is now a professor at Yunnan Minzu University with more than 50 publications on journals including Journal of Hazardous Materials, Bioresource Technology, et al. Dr. Chen focused on the field of microwave engineering for years and accomplished several important research programs supported by industries and the Chinese government. He has memberships of Association for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education (AMPERE), American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and Nonferrous Metals Society of China (Nfsoc). Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_re_Erick-Reyes-Vera_001 Microwave devices Reyes-Vera Erick Department of Electronic and Telecommunications Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano Medellin Colombia

Erick Reyes-Vera received the B.S. degree in Physic Engineering in 2009 and the M.Sc. degree in Physics in 2014 from National University of Colombia. He received a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the National University of Colombia, Bogota campus in 2020. Since 2013, he has been working at the Department of Electronic and Telecommunications, Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano, Medellín, Colombia. His research interests include optical fiber sensors, photonic crystal fibers, and photonic devices, planar antennas and Applied Electromagnetism. In these research areas, he has 32 articles, one chapter of a book and 15 conference papers. He has served as a reviewer for several journals including Applied Optics, Optic Express, Optic Letters, IEEE Sensors, IEEE Sensors Letter, IEEE Photonics Journal, Sensors & Actuators, Journal of Progress in Electromagnetic Research (JPIER), Optical Engineering and Optical and Quantum Electronics.

Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Editorial Board Members cmic_ebm_Alegria_001 Alegria Elisabete Department of Chemical Engineerig Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon Lisbon Portugal

Dr. Elisabete C.B.A. Alegria completed her Ph.D (2006) from Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon. Currently, she is working as a researcher at Centro de Química Estrutural (Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis Group) at Instituto Superior Técnico. She is the adjunct professor at the Chemical Engineering Department of Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL). Dr. Alegria has authored 73 scientific papers, 4 patents and 3 book chapters. Her main research interests include coordination and sustainable chemistry, homogeneous and supported catalysis, stimuli‐responsive catalytic systems, green synthesis of metallic nanoparticles, mechanochemistry (synthesis and catalysis) and molecular electrochemistry. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Bandyopadhyay_001 Bandyopadhyay Debasish Department of Chemistry University of Texas-Pan American TX Edinburg USA

Dr. Debasish Bandyopadhyay completed in PhD, in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta, 2004. He Teaches Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry. Dr. Bandyopadhyay has conducted research on Drug Development (Synthetic and Natural) and Green Chemistry. He has authored more than 150 peer-reviewed publications, international presentations, and book chapters. Dr. Debasish Bandyopadhyay is a lecturer at the University of Texas-Pan American Edinburg, TX USA. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_besson_001 Besson Thierry Department of Pharmacy Université de Rouen Rouen Cedex France

Dr. Thierry Besson has done PhD. in in Chemistry. Currently, Dr. Besson is the Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Université de Rouen • Département de Pharmacie France. He has expertise in Synthesis, Organic Synthesis, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Synthesis, Organic Chemistry, Cancer Cells, Synthetic Chemistry, Phosphorylation, Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry etc. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_nj-bhatt_001 Bhat Narayan G. Department of Chemistry The University of Texas-Pan American Edinburg TX USA

Dr. Narayan G. Bhat has done PhD. in Chemistry from the University of Poona, 1982. He is a teacher of Organic Chemistry. Dr. Bhat has authored more than 150 peer-reviewed publications, international presentations, and book chapters. Dr. Bhat is now a lecturer at the University of Texas-Pan American Edinburg, TX USA. Dr. Bhat has the membership of American Association for the Advancement of Science. He also received the University of Texas Chancellor's Teaching Award, from the University of Texas (2005). RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_nj-bogdal-d_001 Bogdal Dariusz Department of Biotechnology and Physical Chemistry Cracow University of Technology Krakow Poland

Dariusz Bogdal graduated from Cracow University of Technology (Krakow, Poland), obtained PhD diploma from Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland), and Doctor of Science (DSc) diploma from Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland). He has more than 30 years of experience in Organic and Polymer Chemistry. He works extensively on the application of phase-transfer catalysis (PTC) and microwave irradiation to organic and polymer synthesis as well as polymer modification. His research interest also includes applying microwave-assisted reactions to polymer chemistry e.g., reactions on polymer matrices, preparation and modification of polymers, preparation and investigation of polymers for dental materials and optical devices. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_chakraborti_001 Chakraborti Asit K. Department of Medicinal Chemistry National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Mohali India

Dr. Asit K. Chakraborti is Professor and Head of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), S. A. S. Nagar, Punjab, India. He had his M. Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India in 1977 being placed first in the first class. He received Ph. D. degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata, India in 1985. He is the Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_elgemeie_001 Elgemeie Galal H. Department of Chemistry Helwan University Cairo Egypt

Prof. Elgemeie is the author of over 220 scientific international papers on heterocyclic chemistry. He work as a professor at Helwan University in Egypt. He is an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow. He is an international elected member of the Scientific Board of the International Basic Sciences Programme (IBSP), UNESCO, in Paris. He was appointed to the position of Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Egypt in Berlin, Germany. He acted as a Chairman for the Board of Directors of the Fulbright Foundation in Cairo. Prof. Elgemeie supervised several cooperation projects with the European Community under the TEMUPS programme. He has been awarded: D. Sc. Degree, and the African Union Scientific Award "Continental Scientific Award". Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_figiel_001 Figiel Adam Institute of Agricultural Engineering Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences Wroclaw Poland

Prof. Figiel serves as the head of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the research and practical aspects of drying, food engineering and food chemistry. He has authored more than 90 manuscripts (27 published in JCR journals), 5 book chapters, patent and patent application. He is a principal investigator in 4 projects with particular emphasis on the exploitation of R&D results. Prof. Figiel is also a member of Polish Society for Agrophysics and Polish Society for Agricultural Engineering. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Huang-sh_001 Huang Kama College of Electronics and Information Engineering Sichuan University Chengdu China

Prof. Kama Huang is the chairman of CAMPA (China Association of Microwave Power Application), working on microwave energy application for 30 years. The local chair of GCMEA 2020 (Global Congress on Microwave Energy Application). The GCMEA is organized by Europe AMPERE, US IMPI, Japan JEMEA and China CAMPA. Senior visiting scholar of Clemson University in the United States, a distinguished professor of Yangtze River scholars, a winner of national fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and executive director of ampere organization of microwave energy in Europe. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_ivanov_001 Ivanov V.K. Institue of General and Inorganic Chemistry Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry Moscow Russia

Dr. Ivanov is Director of the Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He has nearly 25 years of expertise in materials chemistry, microwave chemistry and sonochemistry. Dr. Ivanov holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry. He has authored more than 250 papers and 14 patents. Dr. Ivanov is also a Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_El-Kazzouli-sh_001 Kazzouli Saïd El Euromed University of Fes (UEMF) Meknes Morocco

Saïd El Kazzouli was born in Beni Mellal (Morocco) in 1975. He received his Master’s degree then his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Orleans in 2004 under the supervision of Prof. G. Guillaumet. He worked then at the same University as a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. L. Agrofoglio and with Prof. S. Berteina-Raboin from 2004 to 2006. In 2006, he joined the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in USA as a postdoctoral fellow for 3 years with Dr V. E. Marquez. In 2009, he became a researcher (project leader) at INANOTECH, MAScIR Foundation in Rabat, Morocco. In 2013, he joined the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes (Morocco) as an Associate Professor. Since 2014, he is the coordinator of the master on environment engineering and water management and in 2019 he became Full Professor. His main research interests are the sustainable development and green chemistry. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_kahveci_001 Kahveci Bahittin Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Karadeniz Technical University Trabzon Turkey

Dr. Kahveci studied heterocyclic chemistry at Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University from 2000 to 2011, and then studied at Karadeniz Technical University. After 2008, he focused on heterocyclic synthesis with microwave techniques. He has authored more than 70 manuscripts. He wrote with his co-authors firstly Turkish book entitled “ Introduction to Microwave Organic Synthesis”. He is going to translate a book that entitled “Heterocyclic Chemistry at a glance” from English to Turkish with his co-authors. Currently, he is working as a professor at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Health Sciences at Karadeniz Technical University in Turkey. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_karthikeyan-c-as_001 Karthikeyan Chandrabose Department of Pharmacy Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Amarkantak India

Dr. C. Karthikeyan is presently working as assistant professor - Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Department of Pharmacy, IGNTU, Amarkantak, India where he has been on faculty since 2017. Dr. Karthikeyan's research is focused on the application of novel strategies for small molecule drug discovery for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Karthikeyan has published more than 60 papers in high impact journals and has filed three international patents for the discovery of some anticancer molecules. He is also member of editorial boards of several prestigious journals and a recipient of ‘Innovation Award’ for the discovery of anticancer molecule given by CMAI Association of India, New Delhi-2016. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_keglevich_001 Keglevich György Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology Budapest University of Technology and Economics Budapest Hungary

György Keglevich graduated as a chemical engineer. He has been Professor of Chemistry since 1995, and the Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Budapest Univesity of Technology since 1999. He is engaged with P-heterocyclic and environmentally-friendly chemistry comprising MW chemistry, phase transfer catalysis and the development of new catalysts. He is the author or co-author of 460 papers He holds editorial positions at the journals Curr. Green Chem., Cur. Org. Chem., Lett. Org. Chem., Curr. Org. Synth.. Lett. Drug Des. Disc. and Curr. Catal.. He is the member of the Editorial Board of Heteroatom Chem. and Phosphorus Sulfur Silicon. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Kustov_001 Kustov Leonid Department of Organic Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow Russia

Prof. Leonid M. Kustov is the Head of Laboratory of Development and Study of Polyfunctional Catalysts. The laboratory was established in 1954 and headed by Prof. A.M. Rubinshtein (1954-1986) and Prof. A.A. Slinkin (1986-1999). His Research Areas are Development of heterogeneous catalysts, including those supported onto novel materials (inorganic gels, metal nets, foamed metals) and ionic liquids aimed at their use in selective oxidation of alkanes, alkenes and arenes, conversion of methane into synthesis gas, complete oxidation of trace amounts of volatile compounds in gas vents, reduction of nitrogen oxides by hydrocarbons and removal of nitrogen oxides by NO2 adsorption. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Landge-sh_001 Landge Shainaz M. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Georgia Southern University Statesboro GA USA

Dr Shainaz Landge joined Georgia Southern University in 2010. She completed her M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry (2000) from the University of Pune (India), after which she worked as a Project Assistant at the National Chemical Laboratory in Pune. In 2008, she completed her PhD research under the supervision of Dr Béla Török at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and then moved on to a Postdoctoral position at Dartmouth College (NH) under the direction of Dr Ivan Aprahamian comprising research focused on the “Synthesis and development of molecular switches triggered by pH, metal and light”. Dr Landge’s research interests are in the area of synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and supramolecular chemistry. She has won several awards and has published many scientific papers in well-reputed journals. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_liu_001 Liu Hong Institue of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai China

Prof. Hong Liu’s efforts mainly dedicate to the research of pharmaceutical chemistry and drug design and discovery. She is also focusing on the development of new organic synthetic methodologies, building focused combinatorial libraries, and the discovery and optimization of lead compounds for new drugs. Dr. Hong Liu has published 269 academic papers in peer-review journals, such as Chemical Reviews, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, etc. Dr. Liu wrote 11 books as chapter author as well and applied 55 patents. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_mallakpour_001 Mallakpour Shadpour Department of Chemistry Isfahan University of Technology Isfahan Iran

Prof. Shadpour Mallakpour, organic polymer chemist, graduated from Chemistry Department, University of Florida (UF), Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A. in 1984. He is currently Professor of Organic Polymer Chemistry at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. Now he has published more than 381 journal papers and more than 400 conference papers and received more than 30 awards. He was selected as academic guest of the 59th Meeting of Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry, 2009, at Lindau, Germany. In the recent years, he has focused on the preparation and characterization of polymers containing chiral amino acid moieties under green conditions using ionic liquids and microwave irradiation as new technology and bringing these aspects towards nanotechnology for the preparation of novel chiral bionanocomposite polymers. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Castillo-Millan-sh_001 Millán Juan C. Castillo Department of Chemistry Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnólogica de Colombia Tunja Colombia

Juan Castillo received his Ph.D. (2013) from the Universidad del Valle, Colombia under the guidance of Prof. Rodrigo Abonia. He was postdoctorate fellow in the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires de Marseille, France under the guidance of Prof. Jean Rodriguez and Prof. Yoann Coquerel (2013–2015), later postdoctorate fellow in the group of Prof. Jaime Portilla at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia (2015–2017). He is currently full-time lecturer at the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia. He has a significant experience on multiple bond-forming transformations (MBFTs), synthetic green chemistry and eco-compatible approaches for the synthesis of biologically relevant heterocycles. Until 2020, he had published 42 scientific publications and 1 book chapter. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Martins_001 Martins Marcos A.P. Department of Chemistry Federal University of Santa Maria Santa Maria Brazil

Marcos A. P. Martins received his Ph.D., from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. In 1981, he moved to the Federal University of Santa Maria, where he is now a Titular Professor in Organic Chemistry. In 1999 he received the FAPERGS award of the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul for his “outstanding contributions to chemistry”. His work has appeared more than 200 publications, reviews (two in the Chemical Reviews), and book chapters. His research interests are centered in heterocyclic chemistry with special emphasis in the development of novel building block precursors, synthetic methods, “green procedures”, use of ionic liquids, and solvent-free procedures in the condensation reactions, and structural studies. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_maurya_001 Maurya Ram C. Department of Science & Technology MITS Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya Jabalpur India

Dr. Maurya, D.Sc. is currently Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, and Dean Faculty of Science, R. D. University, Jabalpur, M.P., India. He earned D.Sc. degree from this University in 1995. He is an elected Fellow of the RSC, Great Britain, U. K.. During International Year of Chemistry (2011), he has been honoured for dedication towards teaching and promoting Chemistry in India by Tata Chemicals, Bombay in Collaboration with Association of Chemistry Teachers, India. He is recipient of Best Science Teacher Award 2012 of MPCST, in Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur. Dr. Maurya bagged Silver Medal Award in International Conference on “Futuristic Materials and Emerging Trends in Forensic and Life Sciences” in 2015 by the Indian Association of Solid State Chemists and Allied Scientists. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_mukhopadhyay_001 Mukhopadhyay Chhanda Department of Chemistry University of Calcutta Calcutta India

Professor Chhanda Mukhopadhyay ranked first in the first class in both the Undergraduate and Post Graduate Examinations of the University of Calcutta.

She did her Ph.D. from the renowned institute, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science in 1991. Next, she moved onto Bose Institute in 1992 and worked there till 1994 to work on “the structure and dynamics of bent DNA”. From 1998-2000, Professor Mukhopadhyay worked at M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre at Houston, Texas Medical Centre, USA. At present she is a full professor in the Department of Chemistry, University of Calcutta. She has over 108 publications in many international journals of repute like Organic Letters, Green Chemistry, etc...Her research interest is on Organic Synthesis with special emphasis on nitrogen containing heterocycles like pyridines, imidazoles, triazoles etc…, Green Chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis mainly silica based, organic-inorganic hybrid catalysts, mixed metal-oxide catalysts, host-guest chemistry focussing on the formation of pseudorotaxanes, application of nano-catalysts towards organic transformations, multicomponent reactions. She was awarded the Chemical Research Society of India Bronze Medal Award 2015 and R.S. Verma Memorial award by the Indian Chemical Society in 2015. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_murugesan-s_001 Murugesan Sankaranarayanan Department of Pharmacy Birla Institute of Technology & Science Pilani Campus Vidya Vihar, Pilani India

Dr. S. Murugesan obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2009 from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India. During the doctoral study, his working area was design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel benzopiperidine analogs as anti-HIV agents. Then, in 2010, he joined as Assistant Professor the Department of Pharmacy, BITS, Pilani, India. At the same institution he was pursuing his teaching activity for B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy programmes. Dr. Murugesan is actively involved in research in the area of computer aided drug design along with drug synthesis against HIV and allied opportunistic infections. Dr. Murugesan has published more than 80 research papers in various peer-reviewed journals of international and national reputes. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_musa_001 Ozil Musa Department of Chemistry Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Rize Turkey

Musa Özil, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Recep Tayyip Erdogan University in Turkey. His research interests are design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new heterocyclic compounds such as triazole, oxadiazole, thiadiazole, benzimidazole, coumarine… etc. He is the member of the Editorial Board of Current Organocatalysis, Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds and Current Microwave Chemistry. He has published over 60 research articles, meeting abstracts, and book chapters. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_pineiro_001 Pineiro Marta Department of Chemistry University of Coimbra Coimbra Portugal

Marta Pineiro achieved her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 2003 in the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and since 2002 has been enrolled at the University of Coimbra, being at present Auxiliary Professor. Her research interests are in the area of sustainable synthesis, microwave-assisted organic synthesis and synthesis and biological applications of tetrapyrrolic macrocycles. She has published so far 45 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, 16 meeting proceedings and is the co-author of 5 books and book chapters and 2 patents. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_palou_001 Palou Rafael M. Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo Mexico D.F Mexico

Rafael Martínez Palou holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry from University of Havana. He performed graduate studies in Chemical M.Sc. and PhD. in Organic Chemistry with honors and best doctoral thesis in 2001 from National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City. He received a postdoctoral position at Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP, 2001-2002) where he worked as researcher since 2002. He is involved in the development of new organic compounds for chemical treatment in the Oil Industry and in biofuels and biomass valorization. He has published more than 50 papers and reviews in international journals, twenty patents, and is author of seven book chapters and the book "Microwave in Chemistry" published in the US in 2006. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_saka-c-ah_001 Saka Cafer School of Health Siirt University Siirt Turkey

Prof. Dr. Saka obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2008 from Yuzuncu Yıl University, Van, Turkey. During the doctoral study, his working area was electrochemistry. Then, in 2009, he joined as Assistant Professor in the School of Health, Siirt University, Siirt, Turkey. He is currently the Director of the School of Health. He works extensively on the application of catalyst synthesis, hydrogen production, activated carbon, adsorption, microwave treatment and cold plasma treatment to modification. Prof.Dr. Saka has published more than 70 research papers in various peer-reviewed International journals. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_scurrell_001 Scurrell Mike Department of Civil and Chemical Engineering University of South Africa Florida South Africa

Mike Scurrell is Research Professor in the Department of Civil and Chemical Engineering at the University of South Africa and Emeritus Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and is currently a visiting professor at Cardiff University in the UK. He gained PhD and DSc degrees from the University of Nottingham, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) , Member South African Chemical Institute and of the American Chemical Society and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa. His Research and professional interests include Catalysis and surface chemistry.

Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Seijas_001 Seijas Julio A. Faculty of Science Universidade de Santiago de Compostela Galicia Spain

Dr. J.A. Seijas, currelty is a professor at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela Galicia Spain. He has done PhD. He has worked in differnect countries like U.K and Canada. He has expertise in different areas like Synthesis, Mass Spectrometry, Organic Synthesis, Nanomaterials Synthesis, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Food Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Synthesis, Organic Chemistry, Organometallics, Synthetic Chemistry, Molecular Modeling, Food Science, Graphene Chemical Synthesis, Heterocyclic Compounds Synthesis, Multistep Synthesis and Green Chemistry etc. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_sharma_001 Sharma R.K. Department of Chemistry University of Delhi Delhi India

Dr R. K. Sharma is a Professor and Co-ordinator of the Green Chemistry Network Centre at Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, India. He has teaching experience of more than 25 years in subject areas related to bioinorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, catalysis, organometallics and inorganic chemistry. His research interests primarily focus on the fabrication of metal selective functionalized silica gels for their applications as scavengers, sensors and catalysts, designing of novel metal-chelating inhibitors of transcription factor NF-κB-DNA binding, chemical speciation, molecular modelling studies etc. He has about 150 research publications including reviews, journal articles and book chapters to his credit. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_singh_001 Singh Vandana K. Department of Chemistry University of Allahabad Allahabad India

Dr. Vandana Singh has done M.Phil. from University of Allahabad, F.I.C.S., F.I.C.C.E and currently he is the Associate Professor at University of Allahabad in the Chemistry Department. Dr. Singh research fields are Sol-gel derived polysaccharide/polymer templated silica composites: synthesis, characterization and applications (metal ion removal from water and enzyme immobilization) Polysaccharides: Isolation, structure elucidation, grafting modification & application Microwave synthesis of polysaccharide based materials. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Sinha-sh_001 Sinha Arun K. CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow India

Dr Arun K. Sinha received his M.Sc. degree from BHU, Varanasi (UP) and PhD in Chemistry (organic) in 1990 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. After exposure in industries for three years (1991-1993) in India, he moved for his Postdoctoral Research from 1994–1997 at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Illinois, U.S.A. Then, he returned to India and joined CSIR- Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, Palampur, H.P. in 1997. He also visited Umea University, Sweden as a Visiting Scientist during 2007–2008. In 2013, he moved as a Chief Scientist and Professor (AcSIR) to CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow (UP), India. His research interests focus on organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, natural products, green chemistry and microwave chemistry. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Sun-c-sh_001 Sun Chengcao Wuhan University Wuhan China

Dr. Sun’s research interests have been primarily focused on the roles of natural antioxidant on treatment of Duchenne muscular atrophy (JBC 2015; J Applied Physiol. 2015; J Applied Physiol. 2016); and the role of miRNAs in non-small cell lung cancer (Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids 2016; Cancer Gene Therapy 2016; BBRC 2016). His research program is focused on finding potential biomarkers for different cancer types (Molecular Therapy 2019; Molecular Therapy Oncolytics 2019; Aging 2018); he investigated cancer-associated pathways, including gene transcription, epigenetic programming, and cellular signal transduction, and their involvement in metastasis (Nature Cell Biology 2020; Genome Medicine 2020; Nucleic Acids Research 2020; Molecular Cancer 2020; Molecular Cancer 2019; Cancer Letters (f)2018; Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids 2017; Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids 2016). Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Sutradhar-sh_001 Sutradhar Manas Instituto Superior Técnico University of Lisbon Lisbon Portugal

Manas Sutradhar received Ph. D. in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta, India in 2008. He was a Postdoc fellow in Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany. Currently, he is a Research Scientist at the Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. He has more than 60 papers in international peer review journals (h-index 25). He edited one book and published 7 book chapters in books with international circulation. Major area of his research based on synthesis and catalysis. Use of microwave irradiation for oxidation catalysis, chemistry of vanadium complexes and their applications are the important areas of his interest. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Taddei-m_001 Taddei Maurizio Dipartimento di Biotecnologie, Chimica e Farmacia Università degli Studi di Siena Siena Italy

Maurizio Taddei obtained a doctoral degree in Chemistry in 1979 in the Department of Organic Chemistry from the University of Florence working with Prof. Alfredo Ricci. After a post-doc experience (1983-1985) at the University Chemical Laboratories in Cambridge (UK) with Prof. Ian Fleming, he became a Research Assistant at the University of Florence in 1984 and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Agronomy at the University of Florence in 1992. In 1994, he became Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Faculty of Science at the University of Sassari. Since 2001, he has been a Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy at the University of Siena. He was a recipient of the G. Ciamician silver medal in 1990, the “A. Mangini” gold medal in 2017, and the prize for Organic Synthesis and Methodology in 2012 from the Organic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society. He is the author of more than 250 papers and 30 patents in the field of organic synthesis, bioorganic chemistry, and medicinal chemistry. His fields of interest are natural product and biologically active product synthesis, development of high-throughput synthetic methodologies, and organometallic catalyzed chemical processes relevant in bio- and nano-medicine. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_torok_001 Torok Bela Department of Chemistry University of Massachusetts Boston Boston MA USA

Dr. Bela Torok has completed PhD in Chemistry, University of Szeged, Hungary. Currently, he is a professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Boston MA. USA. He got M. J. Collins Award in 2008 for Microwave Chemistry (Student Spronsor, CEM Corporation). Dr. Torok’s research interest is in Green chemistry-solid acid catalysis, metal-catalyzed enantioselective heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenations, microwave-assisted synthesis, asymmetric organocatalysis. Organofluorine chemistry Medicinal chemistry-self-assembly inhibition of amyloid b, Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase, Synthesis of new antibiotics. Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_thirumavalavan_001 Thirumavalavan Munusamy Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering National Central University Chung-Li Taiwan

Dr. M. Thirumavalavan is a Senior Research Scientist at Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Central University, Taiwan. He has nearly 18 years of experience in the research, discovery and teaching aimed to new cutting edges both in Science and engineering technologies. Previously, Dr. Thirumavalavan served as the Research Scientist at various countries working on multi-disciplinary fields of science and technology. Currently his research is focused on different nanomaterials to explore their wide applications in chemical, biotechnology and pharmacology fields. Notably, Dr. Thirumavalavan has authored more than 45 manuscripts and also being one of the editorial board members of few journals. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Verma-sh_001 Verma Ajay S. Department of Physics Banasthali University Vanasthali India

Dr Ajay Singh Verma obtained his PhD degree in Physics (2006) from Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra, India. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at Banasthali Vidyapith (Banasthali University), Vanasthali, India. His research interests mainly lie in the subject areas/fields of Solid State Physics, Thermal Conductivity, Condensed Matter Physics, Material Characterization, Nanomaterials, and Thermal Properties. Dr Verma has published more than 90 articles in various journals as an author/co-author. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_wang_001 Wang Yong School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering Shanghai University Shanghai China

Prof. Yong Wang was born in 1976 and received his B Eng (1997) and M Eng (2000) in chemical engineering from Tianjin University, China, and Ph.D. (2004) in chemical engineering from National University of Singapore. He worked as a research fellow in Singapore-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alliances from 2004 to 2006. He is currently a professor and the vice dean of School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai University. His current research interests focus on nanomaterials for energy storage and environment. He has published over 80 peer-review papers with a total citation more than 5000 times. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Yadav Ram N. Department of Chemistry University of Texas-Pan American Edinburg TX USA Scopus RsearcherId cmic_ebm_zeng_001 Zeng Ming H. Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences Guangxi Normal University Guilin 541004 China

Dr. Zeng is a currently a full professor in Guangxi Normal University. He did Ph.D. from Sun Yat-Sen University in 2004, then he started independent research on the synthesis, properties, structural transformation and post-synthetic modification of coordination polymers. Currently, his work mainly focuses on the complex chemistry of coordination molecules in solution, especially their assembly mechanism, the rational preparation of target materials with interesting magnetic, optical, and catalytic properties. He has published more than 100 papers and attained more than 3300 citations in the above research. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_zhang_001 Zhang Guangshan College of Resource and Environment Qingdao Agricultural University Qingdao China

Guangshan Zhang is currently a full professor in the College of Resource and Environment, Qingdao Agricultural University, China. He previously was appointed as an assistant professor at Harbin Institute of Technology (China). He received his B. Sc. in applied chemistry in 2002 and M. Sc. in environmental science in 2005 from Peking University (China), and Ph.D. in environmental engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2014. He worked as a visiting scholar at Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) from 2010 to 2012. He has led more than ten national/provincial projects, published more than 70 peer-reviewed journal articles and garnered more than 2400 citations with an H index of 26. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_zou_001 Zou Xingli School of Materials Science and Engineering Shanghai University Shanghai China

Prof. Xingli ZOU was born in 1984 and received his Ph.D. degree from Shanghai University in 2012. He worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin from 2017 to 2019. He is currently a Professor in the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Special Steel & School of Materials Science and Engineering at Shanghai University. His research interests include liquid salt electrochemistry, energy storage materials, photoelectrochemistry, and metallic materials synthesis. He has published more than 100 research papers in these fields. Scopus RsearcherId
Associate Editorial Board Member(s) cmic_ebm_hossain-sh_001 Hossain Safdar Department of Chemical Engineering King Faisal University Al-Hasa Saudi Arabia

Dr. Safdar Hossain is currently a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering at King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. He received his Ph.D. in Reaction Engineering from the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals in 2012. He did his M.Tech in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur in 2005 and BS from Vidyasagar University, India. His research mostly involves catalysis, reaction engineering, fuel cells, and process design. He has published extensively in renowned journals and is a co-inventor of two US patents. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_mentese_001 Mentese Emre Department of Chemistry Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Rize Turkey

Dr. Menteşe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Turkey. He focused on design and synthesis of nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds as potent bioactive molecules by using microwave irradiation, ultrasonic and conventional technique. He has authored and co-authored over 70 journals and conference papers, two books last decade., Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Modukuri-sh_001 Modukuri Ramkumar Department of Pathology Baylor College of Medicine Houston TX United States

Dr Ramkumar Modukuri received a PhD degree in Organic Chemistry from the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow, India. Currently, he is a Staff Scientist at the Center for Drug Discovery, Department of Pathology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX. His research work has been published in international journals of repute. He has won several awards for his contribution in the field of Chemistry. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
cmic_ebm_Rokhum-sh_001 Rokhum Lalthazuala Department of Chemistry University of Cambridge Cambridge UK

Dr. Lalthazuala Rokhum currently works as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University, UK. He is an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Technology, Silchar, Assam, India since 2013. He is a recipient of CSIR-NET, CSIR-SRF, DBT-RA and DST-Young Scientist Award with Project. His research interest includes organic synthesis, renewable energy, heterogeneous catalysis. He has published 34 research papers and 3 book chapters. He has completed 2 major research projects and 3 students have received PhD degree under his supervision. He has served as the Guest Editor of Current Organic Chemistry, Current Medicinal Chemistry (Bentham Science Publisher) and is currently editing a book to be published by John Wiley and Sons. He is a life member of Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) and Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI). Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Executive Guest Editor cmic_ebm_Ha-M-Bui_001 Bui Ha M. Faculty of Environment Saigon University Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Prof. Ha Manh Bui earned Ph.D. in environmental engineering from Dayeh University,Taiwan (R.O.C) in 2014. During his academic journey, he served as a visiting scholar at prestigious institutions. Currently, he holds the position of associate professor at SaigonUniversity. He showed his expertise by publishing book chapters and over 70 SCIE indexed papers. His research focuses on various areas, including green processes,sustainable development and circular economics, among others. His dedication to exploring these fields demonstrates his commitment to advancing knowledge in sustainable development. He is a highly accomplished individual and his contributions have significantly impacted the academic community, and his passion for research continues to inspire others in their pursuit of scienti fi c excellence. Orcid Scopus
cmic_ebm_Tumen-sh_001 Tumen Ibrahim Vocational School of Health Services Bandirma Onyedi Eylul University Bandirma Turkey

Dr. Ibrahim Tumen received a PhD from the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Forestry Industrial Engineering, Zonguldak. Currently, he is a Professor in the Faculty of Health Science and the Head of Vocational School of Health Services, Bandirma Onyedi Eylul University. His research interests include NWFP (Non-Wood Forest Products), Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Secondary Metabolites, Analysis of Volatile compounds, Extractives, Fatty Acids and Phenolic compounds, Antienflamatuar and Wound Healing Activities, Analytical Chemistry, and SPME Techniques. He has published more than 30 articles, a chapter and has presented several conference proceedings in various journals of repute. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
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