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Microanatomy of the Femoral Nerve

Author(s): André P. Boezaart

Pp: 183-187 (5)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681081915116010014

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In this chapter, the author combines the established views of the microstructure of the femoral nerve as an example of a combined peripheral nerve or bundle of nerves with newer concepts that have emerged only recently. The position and importance of the circumneural (paraneural) sheath and subcircumneural (subparaneural) space are discussed, as well as the other membranes and compartments around a peripheral nerve, namely, the endoneurium, perineurium, epineurium, and epimysium. The subepimyseal space is discussed in the context of peripheral nerve block.

Keywords: Acute pain medicine, Axon, Circumneural sheath, Combined peripheral nerve, Continuous peripheral nerve block, Endoneurium, Epimysium, Fascia, Fascicles, Femoral nerve, Gliding apparatus, Microanatomy, Nerve axon, Paraneural sheath, Perineurium Epineurium, Peripheral nerve block, Regional anesthesia, Subcircumneural space, Subepimyseal space, Subparaneural space, Ultrastructure.

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