Photographs Across Time: Studies in Urban Landscapes

The Archival Record

Author(s): Mary J. Thornbush and Sylvia E. Thornbush

Pp: 11-31 (21)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608059843115010005

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This chapter examines the photoarchives available in print format (as at the archives of Oxford colleges) as well as online (electronic versions) of the record. Archival material is crucial in cross-temporal research in order to extend back the temporal framework as far back as possible in the historical record, in this case using historical photographs in various available formats. The archival record is considered here from a photographic perspective, with consideration of photographs and how they have been used to track cross-temporal landscape change. These historical photographs have sometimes appeared as postcards in the archival record or as digital images, and can be the basis of before-and-after comparisons of change. This chapter contains a case study that examines how modern photography can stand with historical photographs in order to portray cross-temporal change of various buildings located in central Oxford.

Keywords: Before-and-after comparisons, cross-temporal change, online databases, photographs, pictorial representation.

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