The Sun-Climate Connection Over the Last Millennium: Facts and Questions

Solar Paleoastrophysics: Advances and Limitations

Author(s): Maxim Ogurtsov, Risto Jalkanen, Markus Lindholm and Svetlana Veretenenko

Pp: 55-97 (43)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608059805115010005

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In addition to a historical overview and general information, major advances and problems of solar paleoastrophysics are described, including the data obtained by means of cosmogenic isotopes (14C, 10Be), nitrates (NO3- ion), and historical observations. The most recent proxy-based paleoreconstructions of sunspot numbers and sunspot area, covering time intervals from 150 to 10 000 years, are presented. Possible sources of time variations of the concentration of 14C, 10Be and NO3- ion in terrestrial archives are considered.

Keywords: Cosmogenic isotopes, nitrate, solar paleoastrophysics

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