Recent Technologies in Capture of CO2

Liquid-Gas Contactors Material Properties for CO2 Capture in Absorption Column

Author(s): Araceli Salazar, Rosa-Hilda Chavez and Javier de J. Guadarrama

Pp: 147-177 (31)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608059249114010009

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The purpose of this chapter is to discuss some structural characteristics and properties of three regular packing materials: metallic, polymeric and ceramic; in order to select the best one to capture CO2 in an absorption column. The study was conducted by making the following tests: geometric physical properties such as wetted area and porosity; mechanical properties like, stress, hardness, modulus and compression resistance, structure and microstructure morphologic, chemical composition, rate of corrosion in electrochemical cell in medium of 1N of H2SO4 and Monoethanolamine (MEA) at 30% in aqueous solution by using standard procedures of the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and own developed procedures for the equipment used. The structures of materials were also evaluated by X-ray diffraction and the surface of the material by scanning electron microscopy. It was concluded that metallic material is suitable for CO2 gas treatment because it was presented with the lower etching 1N of H2SO42.

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