Analog Circuit Design for Communication SOC

Delay-Locked Loop and Clock Data Recovery for Wired Communications

Author(s): Rong-Jyi Yang

Pp: 108-152 (45)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805037611201010108

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The demand of the fast information exchanging has become the motive of communication revolutions. In recent years, the increase of data transmission over the internet has led to the demand for high-speed serial-data communication networks. Considerable design efforts have been focused on low-cost, low-power integrated transmitters and receivers. Several optical communication standards have been applied to high-speed and longdistance communications. With the aid of wave-length division multiplexing technique, several optical communication systems, such as SDH/SONET and 10G-Based Ethernet, allow the information to be exchanged with different bit rates at the same time in the optical domain. On the other hand, the advancement of the multimedia environment in personal computer (PC) has brought out lots of business opportunities in the PC peripherals. PC has changed its identity to be the most popular platform for multimedia. Many commercial products provide a friendly way for file transferring via either the universal serial bus (USB) or the IEEE 1394 FireWire interface. In this chapter, the basics for wired-line communications would be introduced first. The details of the DLL-based clock generation technique for the transmitter would be examined. The design issues of the clock/data recovery technique for the receiver would be explored as well.

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