Treatise on Ocular Drug Delivery

Microdialysis - Utility in Establishing PK/PD Relationships in Ophthalmology

Author(s): Kay D. Rittenhouse, Harisha Atluri, Sai HS. Boddu and Ashim K. Mitra

Pp: 161-202 (42)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608051755113010011

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Ocular pharmacokinetics is a core component in the development of therapeutics for eye diseases. In this chapter, we provide a description of the following concepts and strategies that undergird when and where microdialysis may be a significant advance in the armamentarium of approaches for establishing PK/PD relationships in ophthalmology. We cover the following topics:

• Understanding the current limitations in PK/PD with conventional sampling approaches

• Progress report on advances in the use of microdialysis in ophthalmology

• Preclinical vs. clinical ocular PK cases studies

• Roadblocks to microdialysis in ophthalmology

o Probe design and probe recovery

o Bioanalytical limitations

o Invasiveness of probe implantation

o Analyte properties and perfusion flow rate

• Strategies for design of an ideal microdialysis experiment

• Next advances in microdialysis

Keywords: Microdialysis, eye, pharmacokinetics, drug delivery, posterior segment, anterior segment, microdialysis probes.

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