Mental Health Promotion in Schools

Volume: 1

Mental Health Treatment or Promotion in Resource Allocation: Two Topical Considerations Elucidate the Road Less Traveled

Author(s): Raymond J. Waller, Carol L. Albertini and Nancy L. Kupfrian

Pp: 3-27 (25)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805466411201010003

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As a group of strategies, mental health promotion may better serve the needs of children than the treatment of a mental disorder already manifested. The school setting is more amenable to promotion than treatment, and more aligned with the mission of schools as well for several reasons. The purpose of this chapter is to discuss two of the criteria often involved in the complex decisional matrix involved in resource allocation regarding mental health outcomes: 1) which option provides the best outcome for the investment and 2) which alternative conveys the highest probability of accurate diagnosis/effective treatment selection. Finally, a case study involving mental health promotion strategies in schools to support and assist in the reduction of symptomatology in a diagnosed mental disorder is provided.

Keywords: Intervention, mental health promotion, mental health treatment, school counseling, selective mutism.

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