Advanced Materials for Membrane Preparation

Oxygen Production Using Perovskite Hollow Fibre Membrane Modules

Author(s): Xiaoyao Tan and Kang Li

Pp: 3-22 (20)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805308711201010003

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Perovskite oxides exhibit appreciable mixed oxygen ionic and electronic conductivity and have been paid much interests in the last three decades due to their potential applications as oxygen permeable membranes. The hollow fibre geometry can provide much larger areas per unit volume (500~9000 m2/m3) for oxygen permeation compared to the flat sheet or tubular membranes, making it possible to reduce the membrane system size and the operation cost remarkably. In this work, the progresses on the development of perovskite hollow fibre membranes and the application in oxygen production are summarized. The challenges associated with the commercialization of the technology are also presented and discussed.

Keywords: Perovskite oxides, hollow fibre membranes, oxygen permeable membranes, oxygen production.

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