Refounding Corporate Governance: The Metaphysics of Corporate Leadership

Governance in Society

Author(s): Bruce Cutting and Alexander Kouzmin

Pp: 14-31 (18)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805247911101010014

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The triadic framework is used to explain how American society, for example, is understood in terms of its economic activity, its social activity and its political activity. This book focuses mainly on organizations that are in the economic sphere, which is explained in terms of the triadic formwork by consumption activity, production activity and associated market-exchange activity. The social sphere is explained within the triadic formwork by living standards, associative arrangements and the community's aesthetic life, and organizations in this sphere are discussed in Chapter 10. The third political sphere is explained essentially in terms of Montesquieu's (1952/1748) powers of the executive, the judiciary and the legislature – organizations in this sphere are discussed in more detail in the authors companion book on Refounding Political Governance: The Metaphysics of Public Administration.

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