Opportunities for Biotechnology Research and Entrepreneurship

Biogenic Nanoparticles: A Functional Platform for Antiviral Activity – An Entrepreneurial Approach

Author(s): Ranjit Singh A. J. A.*, P. Dhasararthan, Gokul Shankar Sabesan and Bibin G. Anand

Pp: 271-290 (20)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815196115124010016

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Science-based businesses are taking a new dimension today. Biotechnological innovations and inventions are given much attention in transforming laboratory findings into business. Vaccine technology, since the pandemic 2019, has become a billion-dollar business. An integrated approach of nanotechnology and biotechnology as a single unit called Nano biotechnology opens a promising avenue for business opportunities in health care. After the SARS-CoV-2 threat emerged, intensive searches were accelerated to find remedial measures from different systems of medicine. In this search, nanoparticles of both organic and inorganic origin are prioritized, and research in nano -biotechnology gets immediate attention. Laboratory research is intensified to formulate and patent some products to fight against the coronavirus attack. Bio-inspired inorganic nanoparticles are reasonable in using nanoparticles as a workhorse for biomedical applications. The biosynthesized nanoparticles and quantum dots of gold, silver, cadmium, titanium, etc., have multiple biomedical applications. The biogenic nanometal products enhance immunity, fight against viruses, help in diagnosis, and play a role in preparing antiviral dressings, face masks, and drug carriers. This venture promotes promising business avenues.

Biopharma industries are interested in developing the nanotechnology-based therapeutic drug dexamethasone for SARS-CoV-2 drugs; nano-based vaccination to boost immune responses is also progressing. The global market for nanobiotechnology is expected to reach $68.4 billion by 2026. As nanobiotechnology-based business is becoming a promising area for start-ups and entrepreneurs, the stakeholders can utilize the opportunity as quoted “make hay while the sun shines”.

Keywords: Antiviral, Biogenic nanoparticles, COVID, Entrepreneur, Green nanotechnology, Immunity booster, Nanomedicines, Nanobiotechnology, Science-based business, Start-ups.

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