Opportunities for Biotechnology Research and Entrepreneurship

Food Biotechnology – Future Prospective in Food Biotechnology

Author(s): Antony V. Samrot*, D. Rajalakshmi and M. Bavanilatha

Pp: 1-16 (16)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815196115124010004

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The development of biotechnology has led to improvements in the nutritional value and quality of foods consumed by humans, thereby benefiting their health. Globally, foods developed through biotechnology are heavily studied and judged by governments, health authorities, and scientists. By applying food biotechnology, we can reduce the number of naturally occurring poisons and allergies in food. Food biotechnology can be used by farmers and food producers to provide a safe, convenient, and affordable food supply posing new challenges and opportunities for the prevention of disease. It mainly involves the use of genes from plants, microbes, and animals with a view to enhance productivity and nutritional benefits. The interdisciplinary field of food biotechnology employs modern biotechnology principles to produce, process and manufacture foodstuffs. A variety of tools are used in food biotechnology, including traditional breeding methods such as cross-breeding. There are also various modern techniques including genetic engineering which increase the yield. The aim of food biotechnology is to increase the crop yield for the welfare of farmers and to provide nutritional foods for people around the world. There are various concerns associated with the development of food biotechnology. In this paper, the future prospects of food biotechnology are discussed.

Keywords: Agricultural, Food processing, Food biotechnology, Future foods, Food, Fermentation, Genetic engineering, Nanotechnology, Nanocomposites, Production, Shelf life, Yield.

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