Fundamentals of Cellular and Molecular Biology

Application of Molecular Biology in Biotechnology

Author(s): Hira Asghar *

Pp: 111-120 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815238037124010011

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 Molecular biology is the study of molecular interactions and structures that govern cellular processes. Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field that utilizes biological systems to create new products and technologies. The application of molecular biology in biotechnology has revolutionized the way we understand and manipulate biological systems. This technology has enabled the development of new diagnostic tools, therapies, and drugs. The ability to manipulate DNA and RNA sequences has also allowed the creation of genetically modified organisms with desirable traits, including crops and animals. In addition, molecular biology has facilitated the development of gene therapy, where defective genes are replaced or repaired, and vaccines, where specific antigens are identified and synthesized. Integrating molecular biology and biotechnology has opened up vast opportunities for research and innovation in many fields, including medicine, agriculture, and environmental science. As a result, the application of molecular biology in biotechnology holds great promise for the future of science and technology. 

Keywords: Biotechnology, DNA sequencing, Genetic engineering, Gene therapy, Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Molecular biology, Recombinant DNA technology, Synthetic biology.

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