Fundamentals of Cellular and Molecular Biology

Recombinant DNA Technology

Author(s): Farwa Mehmood *

Pp: 82-96 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815238037124010009

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Recombinant DNA technology, also known as genetic engineering, has revolutionized the field of molecular biology by allowing researchers to manipulate and transfer DNA sequences between different organisms. This technique involves the use of restriction enzymes to cut DNA molecules, which can then be spliced together to create novel sequences. Recombinant DNA technology has numerous applications in medicine, agriculture, and biotechnology. For example, it has been used to produce human insulin, growth hormone, and other therapeutic proteins. In agriculture, it has been used to create crops with improved yield and resistance to pests and diseases. However, the use of recombinant DNA technology also raises ethical and safety concerns, and its regulation is subject to the ongoing debate.

Keywords: Agriculture, Biotechnology, DNA splicing, Genetic engineering, Regulation, Recombinant DNA.

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