Natural Conservative Dentistry: An Alternative Approach to Solve Restorative Problems

Recent Development in Oral Hygiene Products: From Product Development to Market

Author(s): Hesham Ali El Enshasy*, Maha Ahmed Niazy, Raghda Kamh, Low Hock Heng and Ranj Nadhim Salaie

Pp: 239-253 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815223194124010014

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Oral care or oral hygiene products become one of the main components of our daily healthcare products with increased market growth. This is driven by the increased awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent many diseases. For years, many products in this market have been formulated based on pure chemicals, categorized under the toxic category, which could have a negative impact on human health as daily/regularly used products. With the increased awareness of the importance of using natural alternative components as safe and non-toxic ingredients, growing demands have been created for natural dental care products. In addition, with extensive research on human microbiomes and their essential role in maintaining a healthy life and enriching this type of healthy microbes as the first line in fighting against disease, microbiome-friendly products and probiotics-enriched products have been recently introduced to the market. Therefore, the need for innovative and safe products is in high demand nowadays to fill a specific market gap in new niche areas. This chapter addresses the recent developments in the oral hygiene products market and products with comprehensive updates about the growth of the development of natural ingredients-based products in this business sector. 

Keywords: Herbal mouth care, Mouthwash, Mouth spray, Probiotics, Oral care market, Toothpaste, Whitening.

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