Biocarbon Polymer Composites

Animal-Based Biochar Reinforced Polymer Composites

Author(s): Radhika Mandala*, B. Anjaneya Prasad and Suresh Akella

Pp: 59-71 (13)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815196689123010006

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Biomass-derived waste management has become an increasingly pressing concern due to rising levels of environmental issues. As a result, interest has risen in finding ways to turn biomass wastes into useful products. The conversion of biowaste into biochar is one of the efficient and environmentally friendly methods of disposing of biowaste. Developing polymer composites by reinforcing biochar as the filler material is gaining popularity due to their affordability and exceptional thermal and mechanical properties. Animal waste is one of the biomass wastes that can be converted into biochar and can be used in various applications. This review work aimed at synthesizing biochar from animal wastes, preparing polymer composites, and analyzing the thermo-mechanical properties. This review also focuses on various animal feedstocks for the synthesis of biocarbon and methods to fabricate polymer composites. The biocarbon-induced polymer composites showed an improvement in mechanical and thermal properties with varying percentages of loading.

Keywords: Animal Waste, Biochar, Polymer Nanocomposite, Pyrolysis.

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