Manufacturing and Processing of Advanced Materials

Experimental Investigation Of Tribological Behavior Of Tin-Based Babbitt And Brass Material

Author(s): Rohit Kumar Babberwal* and Raosaheb Bhausaheb Patil

Pp: 283-294 (12)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815136715123010026

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The aim of the experiment is to investigate the tribological behavior of Brass and tin-based babbitt materials. The experiment is conducted on a pin-on-disk wear test machine at room temperature to analyze their effect on tribological behavior. The experiment is conducted at various operating factors like load, sliding time and sliding velocity under dry and lubrication conditions. Application of these materials is mostly found in automobile bearing, precise instrument, railway bearing, aerospace and heavy duty application. After conducting the experiment, it was noticed that tribological behavior slightly changes at elevated temperatures. The use of oil lubricant improves the tribological performance as compared to dry conditions by 18.56 times for tin-based babbitt alloy and by 2.19 times for brass material. Thus the performance of Brass under oil lubrication is superior to tin-based Babbitt due to its hardness. Under dry conditions, the wear rate of brass material is approximately four times that of wear in tin-based Babbitt; thus, the service life of tin-based Babbitt is longer than brass material under dry conditions.

Keywords: Brass, Temperature, Tin based babbitt, Tribology, Wear.

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